Saturday, September 29, 2012

#568 - Food As Motivation #15 - Ramen Santouka/Outing with Helios

Omg this entry has been rotting in my draft for days and I am finally letting it see the light!
Had been rather busy with school (still as busy but thankfully and hopefully there is recess week to catch up) so I haven't have time to really 'settle' this entry.

And since cramps are making me hard to concentrate on studying (excuses), I figure I'd just blog right now first.
Hopefully my cramps will be gone soon! :)

And so yeah, this whole outing with a few of the Helios peeps happened on the same day I went to watch Step Up 2 and had my F.A.M. trip at Hot Tomato.
Scroll down a little more and you'd see the entry already. :)

After the movie, we headed to The Central to chill.
Walked about a little and then we had dinner at Ramen Santouka.
Yes I am going say the following sentence again, another restaurant striked off my F.A.M. list yayyy. :)

But this time I can't really give the exact details of the food we ordered and its price because I lost my receipt!!
I packed my table and I forgot where I kept it at!
So photos only kayy, if I happen to find the receipt, I will update the prices here!

Those above were ordered by my friends and I only know that the spicy one was not spicy at all and soso only!

A lot of us ordered this set, mixed soup ramen which comes with rice as well so we can like add the rice in the soup and eat it after finishing the ramen!

Oh and the ramen wasn't that nice to be honest.
It kinda tasted like 黄面 and there was this starchy aftertaste. :(
But I love the eggggggg.
The yolk OMG!

Ramen-wise, I have tasted better, will blog about it sooooon! :)

Details if you're interested (click the name for link)
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central #02-76
Singapore 059817 
Tel 62240668


After a rather full meal, we headed out to chill!
Walked along Clarke Quay, sat by the river for a while and enjoyed the breeze.

Super nice and stress free as the wind blew onto our faces.

Then we walked to Esplanade area and listened to some Malay performance (I have no idea why we did that) and then we stopped by the side to take lots of photos!

Here we go! :)

I have long arms! :P

Spammage of photos here onwards because we wanted to take a perfect photo with the MBS in the background!
And partly also I wasn't please with the photo, like a bit blur or some peoples' faces kena blocked and yada.
Everyone was like rahhhhing at me already. D: Heh.

Yes so happy my collar bone quite obvious here, hehee.

Decided to try using the timer mode to take photos instead.

Quite nice right, to have MBS for the background.
This photo would be perfect if not for Zac!

Haha and so all along, I was moving from the camera to the spot time and time again because I wanna get a nice nice shot.

Would have been perfect too if not for the white thing in the foreground. D:

 These 2 were the best out of the many already. :)

Towards the end, I gave up and then most of us went high and then we took jumpshots! :)

 Oh and look, here's a crazy girl attempting to do a split. *smh* *buries a hole and hides*
Guess she was too high that day.

But with jeans and no proper stretching, her split barely passed...
Not bad, still got people willing to 配合. *squeezes some tears* :')

*inserts a photo of me 2 years ago doing a perfect front split to redeem myself*

Last photo of a happy me jumping and smiling while nobody cares!
If I didn't remember wrongly, they all did that on purpose!
But nevermind, I am happy!!

Till then, X

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