Friday, October 26, 2012

#573 - Updates

Have been busy with school, all the CAs and projects and thus neglected this space for too long!

But I will be back with long long entries of food, people and whatnots soon (I hope)!

For now, let's make do with some of the photos (mostly of food) I took with Instagram lately! :)
And 3 cute photos towards the end!!

Have been sinfully eating lately, I just couldn't resist it.
As much as I know I have to lose weight... *sheepish*
It's like I am aware what I am eating makes me fat, but it's always "Eat first, worry later."
How canzxzx right, someone slap me...

Need more discipline on this.
Or maybe more people telling me I am fat? T.T

I am actually doing something about it.
In fact, I just came back from a 30 minutes jog! (Y)

Feeling shiok and happy! ^^

And I have decided, if I want to indulge, I must be prepared to do something to burn off those calories!
So I guess I will jog more if I eat more!
But I will still jog even if I eat less!!
Hopefully I can do this once every week! :)

Some snacks after my jog! :)

Anyway, from XinWang Hong Kong Cafe...
Luncheon Meat 'N' Egg Dry Noodles
I freaking love how cripsy the luncheon meat is!!!!

Spicy Minced Pork Dry Ramen
This was the first dish I ever tried when I went to XW.
Raine introduced this dish to me and it was gooooood.
Standards have dropped now though.

Deep-fried Mango 'N' Prawn Rolls
Dim Sum soon, anyone? :)

Penne with Sausage & Bacon Bits
Yes I made this myself. Me and my pasta cookings, as usual.
Looks good, tastes better! :P
And it's until that day when I realise I need to fry quite long to turn the bacon into a dark and pretty pink colour! -_-
Anyway I think pasta gonna be my 拿手菜 already!
I wanna whip up some Mentaiko pasta next! :)

And I had my virgin try of the lamian and colourful xiaolongbaos at Paradise Dynasty the other day (will blog more about it soon)!
Why does the branch at Lot One carry only 4 flavours?
Cheese, Crab Roe, Foie Gras and Original onlyyy!
Yes and I tried Foie Gras for the first time! :)

Ya and because of all the sinful eating, one night I ate healthy.
Yong Tau Foo, with no carbs at all.
Veggies spammmm!
Tasted goooood too! :)

But I know it's not enough.
So today I had homecooked sliced fish soup with bittergourd and super little rice. :)
Jiayou me manzxzx!
3kg to loseeeeee.

Enough of fooooood, here's me!
With half of my face. :D
Loving my top and my semi prominent collar bones!

And of this random night where it was stormy and when I captured this, the lightning happened to flash resulting in this effect. Cool huh! :)

Ending this entry of this super duper cute baby I saw on Facebook.
He was scared of injections and hence the following expressions.

Simply looking at him makes me go aww aww aww over and over again.
Kids are just so damn cuteeeeeee!
I'd hug him and sayang him if I could.

His innocent face here.
Omg I wanna hug him so so so baddd.

If anyone look at me like that, I'd die.
Seriously, how heart melting is he! *.*

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