Wednesday, October 31, 2012

#574 - Weight Loss

28 Oct 2012 - 48.9
29 Oct 2012 - 48.6
30 Oct 2012 - 48.3
31 Oct 2012 - 47.6

I was actually quite sad when I saw 48.9 on the scale because before that, I haven't bought any weighing scales and all along I'd randomly weigh myself in school/if I visit the doctor.
And they always show 48 or below. So yeahhh.
49 is like those flashing red signs, y'know? Those that flash "Danger Danger"!
And I am not being whiny and have the rights to complain about my weight because seriously 49 and higher is the danger range for me BECAUSE I am short I am only 1.57m. T.T

Pardon me for saying, for that height, with a weight of 49, BMI is 19.9, which is super high in my opinion, although I know BMI is not exactly accurate since it fails to take into account of body fats percentage, your bone mass yada.
BUT still....

Okay so ya, I am kinda getting obsessed with measuring my weight these days.
And I have been eating healthier and less carbs.
Hopefully I'd see good results by the end of 2012! :)

Go meeee! :D


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