Friday, November 16, 2012

#575 - Updates

Been neglecting this space of mine but I was rather busy the last few weeks!

And finally today marks the last day of school for this semester and next week exams officially start.
Finally done with CAs and projects.

Speaking of projects, I had my first presentation in uni wearing formal attire!
Just recording down for reminiscence state and ya, I've been telling everyone how my mum commented that I look like a waitress in my formal wear.
No photos taken sadlyyy.

Hmm, so time flies uh, 2012 will soon be coming to an end soon.

But anyway, just wanna share some photos from my S3! :D
Mostly of food but I ain't a glutton okayyy.

Been trying hard to resist temptation, so far weight is ranging from 47.3 - 48kg.
HAHA given I have been eating quite sinful lately or rather more carbs food, it's not bad already. :P
But as much as I eat a lot, I am saving up also okayyyy.
If I indulged in one day, next day scrimp scrimp scrimp and eat leftovers.

I finally spent my $10 Kinokuniya voucher the other day!!
On a bag!
It's those nautical tote kind! :)
Best out of the rest I can find.

And I got my 2013 planner already, in a chio turquoise shadeeeee!
So matchy matchy with my new phone screen cover! :)

To continue my xiaolongbao (xlb) story, I just wanna say the foie gras flavoured xlb tasted like hotdogs, the cheese one was cheesy, the crab roe tasted like the original.
Can't wait to try the other flavours like Ginseng, Black Truffle, Sichuan and Garlic next time!

Had an intense craving for ramen the other day and since my brother and I were at Tampines, we went here for lunch.
Pretty disappointing with sucky broth. :(
Only the ajitama was good.

Took this with Jiamin's iPhone 5 front camera yesterday!
Quite good ah, the quality!
Uploaded this to Instagram and Raine said I got jiaobin. >:(
And apparently to her, jiaobin means funny face. Okayy....

Bruncher (my self created word for Breakfast Lunch Dinner combined) at Pique Nique and honestly their Classic Benedict ain't that good.
But I love the toast! :D
Anyway, I seriously think I can do better. :O

Opened my mailbox today and these arrived!
Happy with these and super love the marvel heroes one because their frames are like super cute! :)

Ending this entry with a girly side of me... HAHA.
 Am using this keyboard theme now, so pretty right!! :D

Till then, X

I've come to realise that whenever a new semester starts, something will change.
One by one, they leave.
I really hope it will not be the same this time.

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