Friday, December 7, 2012

#576 - Liberation

Exams are finally over!! :D
Saying bye to them with no regrets!!

Have been waiting for this day for so longgg.
Exams have been and always will be a torture for me.
Everytime I keep thinking of what I should do after that blah blah blah, and now that exams are finally over, I sort of forget what I wanna do. -_-

And then I sat down and thought and yes, it's gonna be a busy December! :)
Hope to achieve something at the end of the year man!

- So gonna chiong my driving lessons because TP's date's nearer (I don't wanna fail again I am going to pass).
- Run and lose enough weight (Weight currently fluctuating between 46 - 47kg range and I kind of suspect weighing machine got problem though it's true my appetite is smaller now, but I don't see any part of my body getting smaller except my.. wrists?! Anyway, I got super highly motivated by this random girl who used to have a tummy and lost it so yeahh, siao on a bit wanna run).
- Be 勤劳 everyday and take care of my face which is healing really slowly with the scars (spamming loads of aloe vera gel, please, give me back my scar-less face)
- Meet all different groups of friends to catch up.
- Watch all those dramas/variety shows/movies.
- Have F.A.M.(s) with khakis before I settle my wisdom teeth and malocclusion tooth surgery (hope to get on braces real soon!).
- Cook and bake more!!!
- And with all these activities and also hard to get a job, I hope Mum's workplace needs people so I can earn some moolahh.
- Register for school course next semester (lol anticlimax much, just wanna make the list longer).
- Celebrate Christmas with SHRIMS SS Extended (hopefully we can).

 And lastly, saving the best for the last, 

- Have a simple birthday celebration with loved ones aka my family. :)

Oh and then spend the rest of my days after my surgery (19 Dec) looking like some fat pig with a super duper round face, gonna nua in bed all day long.
Raine did General Anesthesia for her wisdom tooth surgery and she said face swelling doesn't recover so fast and you won't feel like eating, just wanna sleep all dayyy.
Omg pig life much, so nua except you don't eat like one.

Nevermind lahh, can lose weight like this also right!!

Looking good. ;)

Hahaha this entry got so wordy because I simply have tooooo much to say here and gosh I miss blogging so much.
Have not been able to like connect to the blogging world because of school, yet Nuffnang has been so nice giving me so many advertisements, earned >$10 even though I didn't really blog much these months.
I kinda stopped writing in my diary because of some things that happened but I shall continue again when 2013 starts! :)

Okay enough of my rants (if you bothered reading all the way till here, some love some X for you), here are some pictures of... FOOD (but of course).

Went to Ichiban Sushi for the first time with the Helios peeps, omg lika suaku but yeahhh.
Food's good but I couldn't finish them at all, too much.
Left like 3 whole pieces of chicken and nearly half a bowl of rice. Oh mann what happened to meeee.

 Don't know how to appreciate good stuff like this but the seasame oil very 香 and the rice has the taste too!

Overestimated my stomach space and ordered this.

 Tamago Mentai Yaki.
Never see properly thought it was tofu from the illustrated pictures .
Mentai Yaki is really dope, reminds me of the Mussel Mentai Yaki I had at Nihon Mura.

We went to play L4D2 after that!!
Okay not me, but the rest. I just watched because I am a noobie.
Proven today when I helped Shu Lian play her turn when she went to the toilet.
*L4D2 language* Infected are supposed to go haunt the survivors and I was trying to find a good spot to spawn and ended up being too far from where all the survivors are and had to press "E" to go back to near them. -_-
But the game quite fun lehh, even though I am only watching.
Can feel the 紧张-ness when you get caught and are gonna die then your friends come and save you.

 Sweet Meltykiss chocolate with pretty packagings to end this entry. :)
Not really a fan of chocolates but this one plus Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme are really yums!

Shall blog again soooon, going to the zoo with the family tmrw!
May the weather be goooood! :D

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