Saturday, December 15, 2012

#577 - Singapore Zoo with the family

Went to the Singapore Zoo the other day with family (Dad was working so he didn't join us) because we got free tickets!
Been long since I have gone to the zoo, it used to be called Singapore Zoological Gardens right?

But anyway, photos spam!! :)
Gonna be more photos of my face than animals because the animals there are seriously very limited and boring and blahhhhh so I am sorry if you are kinda expecting to see a lot of animals! Haha.

I took a lot of videos though, shall upload them when I am not lazyy!
But in most of them, I was talking a lot. Like really a lot, making funny/weird comments.
Eg. There is this video I captured of a cheetah walking left and right for like a lot of times and I was saying "它什么意思?" and all one hahaha.
And another of a giraffe innocently eating leaves and I commented that it is KwangSoo's family...
So yeahhh.

Didn't see the pandas because the free tickets didn't include the viewing of them and viewing of them for 15minutes costs SGD5 each.

Made lmz do this because her top matchy matchy with the Christmas tree! Heee.

It saw me with my camera and struck a pose! ;D

Erm I got a shock after taking this photo actually.
I turned to look at the kangaroo directly face to face and then scared myself.
For a moment, it felt alive!!!
Go ahead, laugh at me...

And then I took photos of an emu-lookalike and then I realised I could make a gif!


My family were reviewing the photos we took when we went home and then I accidentally clicked on the super zoom and it happened to zoom in to the red butt with the shit and all! Epic.

Posing for me lehh, or probably thinking I am some dangerous creature with a camera as weapon (Okay I think too much).

Kwang Soo Kwang Soo Kwang Soo. :D

Python with heart shaped print on his body. <3

Snake is Lmz's zodiac so I urged her to take a photo here, why she so cute still posed one!!! :D

I look like my lmz right?

Me: 妈咪,戴shades拍照lehh!

Me: 多一张!
Lmz: 不要啦,我们拍眼镜在上面的!*proceeds to rest the shades on my head*

On the way out, we passed by this windy place with a peaceful view. Can I describe a view with the word peaceful?

Fail shot hahaha.

This Kids World water playground actually looks fun!

Was telling my brother that the black one has its tail rebonded. :/

And guess what they're called?
So magical sounding!!

Falabella lehh, quite atas sounding, hahahaha.

And I got my second shock again in the zoo. :(
Turned in the room and saw this, looked into the eyes and was like ahhhhh.
And I teared.
HAHAHA seriously my guts must be really really small, nano sized mannn.

But you have to agree its beady glass-liked eyes quite scary uh, like stare right into your soul kind. :/
Looking at the photo still give me the ~ feeling.

Lmz reviving childhood, she actually looked happy! :)

Passed by some plants on the way back.

Bro: 葫芦里面装什么的?
Me: *being me* 装神仙咯!(But now come to think of it, should be 妖怪 hor? Since it's the神仙 who carries it)

Hehehehe sorry I HAVE to take a photo.

Some photos of other animals on the way out which we didn't see or capture previously since they were still sleeping earlier.

*inserts a caption here so y'all don't think I am an animal too*
It was an accidental shot anyway.

Had some food at KFC (it was goooood) while we rested.

Caught my brother giving the eye.
Must be thinking "Eat 就 eat lahh, camwhore 什么!"

Really love family outings like these.
Can I have more?
Mum was saying it's okay if the place we go eg. zoo is really boring, sometimes 一家人一起出去走走也好. 
AWWW. :')

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