Saturday, February 9, 2013

#593 - Feelings

In my life, I never really find someone whom I can be comfortable with, talk about every single thing with zero awkwardness and fear of judging and still not be afraid to show how I am really like. Then there's him. Someone who can easily make you laugh because of what he say, because he is funny and I mean in a good way. Someone who teases you and yet you won't get upset or irritated but instead feel a smile forming up on the face. Someone who will show you that he cares, even regarding the smallest things ever, even if it's just because you are his friend. It's just that I feel a really nice bond with him that I never felt in others so that's why I found it hard to let go because I think it's not easy to find a person that can make me feel this way. Why do I have to meet someone like this and then end up...?  If you really find someone like this, please cherish him/her.

Part of me knows hanging on isn't going to be beneficial to me in anyway, part of me still wishes one day, maybe something good might come out from it. It's quite hard to be honest. They say even if the love fades away, the memories still exist. We may not be together, but I should be happy that we actually had something once and there are good memories I can look back to as I grow older. Right? 

For now, I am not going to fret about this even though I have the never-give-up mindset. Twice, TWICE I experienced the 垂手可得 feeling and ended up having it being taken away from me. I will NEVER let that happen ever again. I shall take thing as it is and come what may, I will be strong.

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