Saturday, February 9, 2013

#594 - Dental Appointment / Shopping / Food As Motivation #22 - Menya Musashi

Went for my first braces appointment last Friday! :)
Thanks to my cousin who works there, I got my first consultation which includes x-rays and getting of teeth molds totally waived off!

-For my own record-
I saw an x-ray of my skull for the first time!!! That was when I saw my teeth/jaw structure really like jut out a bit kind. :X
The gum/plasticine-like mold which they fit into my mouth tasted of spearmint and the orthodontist had to fit on my upper and lower sets of teeth to get the shape.
She applied pressure and then left it for like more than 1 minute and then 'plucked' it out.
The sound was slimy squishy and gross. :X

Anyway, apparently my teeth's state are quite bad with regards to those lines and all, something got to do with the enamel thingy. But the orthodontist said she could help me do something about after my whole braces journey! :)

Was deciding between 2 different type of braces and ended up settling for the cheaper and coloured ones.
Will most likely be wearing them in March, I can't wait!! :)

 Met the girls later after my appointment and then we went window shopping around!

And I finally tried Twelve Cupcakes for the first time!!

All of us got 2 each and I got Red Velvet and Salted Caramel!
*suaku alert* I have no idea what to expect though because this is sort of my first time eating a 'real' cupcake!

Very sinful but I gotta say I LOVE the cream cheese on the red velvet. I think I can just eat it on its own!!! :B

Ate the cupcakes as afternoon snack and went around to walkwalk.
And yes, I went to MUJI and got 3 pasta sauces to try!
Squid Ink, Cod Roe and Tomato Cream Sauce with Crab.
So far I've cooked the third one  and I think it was rather crabby, like too 腥 for my liking! LMZ thought it was okay though!
Looking forward to use the other two soon!

After MUJI shopping, Raine and I were attracted by this super strong yummy smell which we assumed come from this restaurant, Menya Musashi.
And thus, dinner was settled there!
One more restaurant ticked off my F.A.M. list! :D

White Cha Shu Tsukemen w 4pcs Gyoza set (SGD14.90)
Love the crispy gyozas!! :)
They were cooked to perfection! Ever since I attempted cooking some on my own the other time, where the skin broke, I really 佩服 those who can master it well!
Ramen was alright, you had to dip the ramen and ingredients into the pork broth tasting sauce and eat, similar to cha soba's style!
Cha Shu had this slight burnt bbq taste!
The egg was disappointing though, slightly overcooked. :(

Details if you're interested (click the name for link)
2 Orchard Turn
ION Orchard #B3-25
Singapore 238801
Tel 65099394

Camwhored a lot more and then we shopped around!
I got myself slippers tooooo! :)

Spot my left hand doing this awkward pose unknowingly. :O

Okay that's all.
I guess my next update will be after Chinese New Year lo!!
Till then, Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

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