Thursday, February 14, 2013

#595 - Chinese New Year Day One (初一)

Blogging about Chinese New year of course!!

Starting this entry right with a family photo, same as what I did for the past 2 years!! :D

 My demure ootd! Going for the 淑女 look! ;) HAHAHA, not bad right!! :P
Sudden craze over this pastel shade of purple and then we have peterpan collar and crochet details!
Best of many many worlds! :)

And le bro, very ayg hor!! :P

Always see girls doing selca in the taxi one!
I seldom take taxi one but here's mine!
And a HUGE ASS one I am sorry HAHA.

Went to materal's side to 拜年 first, the usuals!
Wasn't really close with my cousins, yes we do talk but it's mostly about studies.
Spent time in the room camwhoring with my brother!!
Thank goodness I am not an only child or I confirm selca all the way and people will think I very 自恋!

Always love taking photos in front of the windows, the lighting super good there! (Y)
And yes, I know we super don't look alike!
Some people even mistake him as my boyfriend (he's like 178cm now) when we go out! Gosh.

 Had some food my grandma cooked (the cornstarch thingy super yummy!!) and then chilled a little!
Home sweet home to rest a while before heading to paternal's side to 拜年!

I think my family not that traditional to like go each house to 拜年 so basically everyone just gathers together at the grandparents' house and 拜年.
This also explains why I have totally no house to go 拜年 to on the second day. ._.
More on that when I blog about my second day of Chinese New Year!

 Ayg here while preparing to go paternal's side! Angle very important ah, calves don't look that fat here hor!! ;)

Very pretty oil spot rainbow on the way to grandparents' house!
Mum was like "车来了啦!" when I stopped to take this. :P
Road is those small road inside terrace houses' area, no worries!!

Girls doing what they do best: Camwhore!

Always start off normal looking and then end up all kinds of faces come up!

Some cousins left and then others joined!


Ended up fooling around, too bored too bored.
Cousin: "Eh everyone cover your face!"
Looks at photo taken and everyone was saying how they peeped to see themselves/camera, guess I was too honest? HAHA.

Ji Suk Jin - Sunflower!!

Took things to another level, we even went to look around for props.
Hais, Chinese New Year why like this ah.... But once in a year, so okay lahh. ;)

Everyone look at what I am holding!!!
聪明伶俐!!! :D HAHAHA.

We took a total of 93 photos?!
And all of them have my face on it wakaka.
Album's on Facebook!

And then it was dinner and while everyone's stuffing themselves full during Chinese New Year with bakkwa/pineapple tarts, I was busy popping these yummy homemade 五香 into my mouth throughout dinner.
Cannot resist lehh! Very yummy and fragrant! (Y)
I hate those fake ones which taste like fishcake EEW max.

Ended the night lao-yusheng-ing with abalone as the yusheng's substitute and mahjong-ing with fellow cousins (no gambling involved, oh my what a bore, I felt like falling asleep) and then kaypo-ed a little watching the guys gamble blackjack!

These photos were koped from my cousin on Facebook!
Latter one shows the remaining few who went to kio liao!

I personally think it's really a waste one spend so much on the yusheng and then lao already just eat a few mouthfuls and then byebye. :/
So my cousins and I tried all the different kinds of 料 inside, so many weird tasting ones to be honest, and then had a lot of the golden pillow biscuits (the only nice thing inside)! :D

Anyway, on another note, I 'dare not' gamble this new year because I really think my luck not 旺 in gambling! :X
But I love to watch people gamble or play card games/mahjong, no idea why!
It's not boring at all ehh!

Home sweet home and concussed after I watched a few episodes of Asia's Next Top Model!

Day 2 entry next!
Till then, X

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