Monday, February 18, 2013

#596 - Chinese New Year Day Two (初二)

Like I mentioned in the previous entry, here's Chinese New Year Day Two, which is so NOT happening one.

Usually people will still be busy 拜年-ing hor, but my family visits both the maternal and paternal side's relatives altogether at grandparents' house on the first day already and as all the cousins grow older, we seldom head back to the paternal side on the second day!

So my cousin said "If you go ah ma's house, I will go."
But also nobody go back one, wait I look at her, she look at me while we waste our time away.
SO.... I had this idea why not we go eat out!
Although it was only the second day of Chinese New Year and I am sure most shops don't open on that day, I went to Google for Korean BBQ restaurants because we had cravings for it.

Then somehow we ended up at IKEA. Hahahaha.
Nevermind, 没鱼虾也好 since we had cravings for that too! :D

And of course, the restaurant was not packed and yes to fooooood!

We were both carnivores that day, 20 meatballs and 2 chicken wings each and then an ice cream cone for dessert! :O
But they are just so gooooood and Chinese New Year, so can binge a little right?
I also don't eat Chinese New Year goodies one plus also never gain any weight at the end anyway. :P

 Best Chicken Wings I have tasted so far!!!

Walked walked around the place to digest later.
I just love looking at how furnitures are being set up to create the homely feel. (Y)
Next time, my future home must give off the tidy and cosy vibe then Imma nua at home instead of going out!!

Mirrors everywhere we go!
This also means seeing a lot of our faces while you scroll down. *coughs*

Left IKEA and digged for cheap goods at COTTON ON factory outlet opposite!
Booked tickets for Journey To The West at ViVoCity!

*movie spoiler: skip this and scroll down if you are watching JTTW *
Journey To The West was kinda absurd and not really funny at all.
We had watched the trailer and found it not bad and ended up....
I always thought Stephen Chow directs funny movies one, guess I was wrong about it this time!

And the storyline was super lame and the monsters were scary because of their teeth, especially the 猪八戒 person. :(
The moment he opened his mouth, my heart jumped and I faster turned away.
孙悟空's face looked super jsnfkjsnfweoiqjdam too, the kind you just don't wish to look at for long.
And the starting already got our hearts pounding... :/

Show Luo was inside the show and his lines.. OMG.
Trying too hard to be funny. Y'know sometimes you make a joke and then the first time you say it, people will HAHAHA and then the more you say it, it just loses its effect?
YA that happened.
Not blaming him though! 可怜 he had to say that!

There's only ONE funny part in the show, where everyone in the cinema laughed.
The one where the guy was under the obedience charm and had to dance sexy!

2 out of 5 stars in my most humble opinion!
I got a nightmare with the monsters and even ghosts in it the same night because of the movie!! :X

 And yes, ending this entry on a SWEET note with me in my ootd! ^^

Cousin said something like "我发现你最近走比较 sweet 的路线!"
HAHA yeah, so observant! :D

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