Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#600 - Kenneth's 21st Birthday Party

This entry took super long to be published because I was waiting for photos from Kenneth's side, which then apparently I gave up waiting and decided to rush it out instead before it got really outdated.

Attended a primary school mate, Kenneth's 21st birthday party at the start of February!
The party was held at... NTU's Palette.

And because of that, we girls got to meet up together!
Thanks to Afiqah who drove us there! She's probably the safest driver I've ever seen. :)

Shopped for his present on that day itself and wrote his card on the way to the place!

A photo with the birthday boy!
 Most of them were in wedges and I was already not that tall! :/
Had driving after that if not I would have worn my wedges lo!!

His birthday dress code was supposingly Food, which means we have to dress like food but I didn't even know of it.
Not that I have any dress code linked to Food I cant think about if I know about it, so yeahhh.

And we had something to complete upon reaching the place!
 Hmm quite interesting!

 Food was not bad and we all love the laksa! :D

Cake cutting time!

All of the primary school mates who went sat down together after cake cutting and had talks reminiscing about primary school times.
We were all so young, innocent, funny and crazy back then!
Good old times!!! :)

*inside story* Wedding list gang finally met up and this time our group extended and became Who-Will-Have-Kid-First list gang already ah!

 Happy Birthday again, Kenneth! :)
Hope you had a great time that day!

And I am glad I am not going to do anything for my 21st this year, do anything meaning holding a birthday party.
It's just too troublesome, finding the place, food caterer, thinking of who to invite, what dress code and all!
Not my cup of tea!! HAHA.

By the way, super random, I was thinking, if I were really to have a party (highly impossible), I'd make everyone come in electric blue/navy blue and gold.
Super niceeeeee. *.*
Okayy lah, just saying onlyy!!

I'd prefer small celebrations over meals with my loved ones, that's probably the best birthday present I can ever have (not that anyone's gonna care I am saying this, hahaha)!!

Ending this entry with one photo of me for you to remember me by.... HEH. :D

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