Wednesday, March 6, 2013

#601 - Nando's/Dessert

In the month of February, I went to Nando's.
It was under my F.A.M. list but that day, the food just disappointed me so I am not going to categorise it under my F.A.M. label!

I shall give it another chance next time!!

 Both my friend and I had Wild Mushroom Soup & Garlic Bread!
The soup was slightly spicy, perhaps with the pepper overload.
But I love love love the garlic bread!
So crispy and fragrant and then when you dip it in the soup, it tasted so gooooood.
Man I am craving for it now. D:

Friend's main, Butterfly Chicken Breast which comes with choices of 2 sides that was not bad but nothing much to shout about.

 My Cataplana Originale which came in this cool turtleshell thingy!
Okayy only lahh, feels pretty normal and the taste of the capsicum was so strong, it overpowered everything.
Well, and I didn't finish it.

Gotta give Nando's a thumbsup though, for providing lots of sauce you can take at the counters though.
The Garlic Peri-peri sauce was not bad. :)

 Headed to Chinatown for dessert!
I can't remember the name of the shop but it's next to Pearl Centre if I didn't remember wrongly. :/

 Milk Pudding which was really milky and you will get sick of it after a while!

Super huge Strawberry Snow Ice which was uber yummy!
And looking at this reminded me of a super gross incident that happened and I was the victim.
Nothing THAT bad, but it wasn't good either hahahaha.

Till then, X

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