Friday, March 22, 2013

#608 - Me

Received a comment and email from a company interested in collecting memorable blog entries for Singapore Memory Project and was told to select from a list of my past entries the ones I want to post up and then that got me started reading my archives!!

So much things happened, some were like at the back of my head and then the memory got jogged when I read the entries while there were some I don't even remember. I guess it's really good to keep a blog and update as and when ah! Like that I have something to look back to when I grow old! :) But then hor last time I really very long winded and everything small thing that happened always must say a bit then happy one hahahahah. And I also is very de boliao luhh.

I also saw my past photos HAHAHA. Sharing some later if I found nicer-to-look-at ones. LOLOL.

Just to name a few "memorable" entries I read just now...

(Click 'X' to read the entry)
I remember...
This little cute kid I saw at Lot 1 who followed me around - X
MooMoo sweets being my favourite sweet during Secondary School Days when May introduced them to me - X
Le bro who was looking so cute, chubby and all unlike now - X
Me scoring my first 3 point ball in a Basketball game - X
Story of my broken tooth - X
Sailormoon socks to make the prefects in school STFU :X - X

I don't even remember...
Me being so 'dramatic', look at the first sentence OMG - X
Me rebelling the teacher in class 5 years ago - X
'What' is my name and the last sentence, impossible - X

Absurb/weird things I say or do:

No link to what I did but this is The Problem with Guys (HAHAH)X

Okay photos!! Actually just wanna share some, then end up become like showing how much my hairstyles have changed which is not a lot actually lahhh.
So many of me in ugly bangs. T.T
But that's the past now so I don't care anymore, photos in extra large for ya!! ;)

How we looked back then...

Taken last year!
Got difference lah horrrr. At least my face not red anymore? HAHAHA.

Then I got addicted to have super layered hair for no reason....

And then there was a long period of time I had side fringe which did not look that weird and I have no idea why I can't get it back now.

Then came bob period!
Which I really feel quite is the hairstyle that really suit me lahh, then that time I took loads of act cool photos with shades on somemore HAHAHAHA.
 Can I be this shade now? I am getting too fairrrrr. D:

 Grew my hair longgggg.

I am gonna stop now!!

 4 years ago already so ayg already.

Just last year, well I guess some things never change. :D :P

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