Sunday, March 24, 2013

#609 - Quality time at Quality Cafe, Quality Hotel

HAHA my entry's title! :D

Collected my contact lenses and portable charger from Raine the other day and so we decided to have lunch and dinner together plus collect her passport!

Suggested porridge buffet because we both have not tried it before! Place was at Balestier which I found out was near Toa Payoh so we had lunch at the hawker centre near my ex-workplace!
But no more beef noodles when we reached there! :(
So we shared Oyster Omelette and had the uber yummy tauhuey which was way way better than LaoBan in our opinions. :)

Actually enjoy eating the omelette way more than those oysters!

We then took 145 from Toa Payoh interchange to the place itself, Quality Cafe at Quality Hotel!
Was expecting the place to be rundown or weird looking but it was surprisingly quite atas being in the middle or near hotels like Hotel 81 and Fragrance Hotel. LOL.

 Their buffet prices jacked up already! :(
And it's indeed cheaper to have it for supper but I am guessing the price is cheaper because they are sort of like the leftovers? :/

Reached the place too early (Buffet starts at 6pm) and there wasn't anywhere we could go to, thus we... camwhore. HAHAHA.

 The I-got-a-headache-look.
Spot the difference! I was trying to imitate her, who was holding her fringe up! :P

 Too short this keep getting my face 'intercepted' by the lines. :X

She loves this beanie I edited on for her because Yoo Jaesuk wore a similar blue one in one of the Running Man's episodes! 

 Quite a number of varieties, all kinds of meat and some vegetables and seafood and there's super nice chili crab (which we did not eat because it was too mafan, wasted man). I only had mantou dipped in the sauce which was superb!!
There was laksa and popiah too! :)

 Although I am not really a fan of porridge, the sweet potato porridge was rather yummy. :)

 Love the richness of the soup, I drank a lot! :D

Quality Cafe
201 Balestier Road
Quality Hotel Singapore
Singapore 329926
Tel 62336363

 Long ride home and then we chilled a little with Taiwan beer!
Always see people raving about it, and yeah, it was tasty! :D

Simply chilling and talking rubbish. (Y)
And then we met this survey guy which was weird.
He said that he need to complete 3 more surveys so he can end the day and so us being kind (LOL) decided to help. Then he proceeded to ask us where we were studying and all and I was eyeing the survey paper he had on his clipboard skeptically.

So I said, "Erm, I thought we are supposed to answer on the paper itself?" while trying to reach out to see the questions.
He said, "Oh, actually the questions I am asking you two now can help answer the survey questions already." while he proceeds to hide the clipboard with the back facing me so I can't see the questions.

So I was like okay can. And then when he finally asked where we studying and what year, he then left and then he didn't even write down anything lor! ?? right? I told Raine he was trying to hook her up!! LOL. Because she and the guy happened to be studying in the same university and the guy was like, "How come I never see you before one?" HAHA.

Weird survey guy is weird. :/

Anyway, my tolerance for alcohol is mega super low. D:
3% only, my face is flushed and red and all.
And then I get itchy all over. HAHA.

But I drank wine no problem lehh!!
Maybe I am allergic to beer? :O

Ending this entry with a accidentally ayg 恩爱 photo of us waiting for the bus!
*thinks of 老夫老妻 (not me and Raine) joke* HAHAHA. ^^

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