Monday, March 25, 2013

#611 - The night before I got my braces on

Annyeong! :)

I am gonna get my braces on tmrw and I am so so excited because hello straight teeth?! And also I can experience how does it feel to have braces in the mouth plus I think I can lose weight HAHAHA.

Just some photos of my bare face (and teeth) for now!
Actually I took more, those zoomed up images of my teeth but I think it's just weird to post them up here? Hahaha.

Bogei and slight buckteeth no more in 1 years plus time!!

 And no more of the tooth peeping out when I smile without teeth!
Not that I smile like that anymore.

Definitely getting blue braces (saw my brother wearing that colour, damn pretty) for my first time!

Till then,
Braceless girl signing off! X

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