Friday, March 29, 2013

#612 - Braceface

Oh hi! :)

Got the braces on on Tuesday, feeling so weird with something in the mouth, definitely takes a while to get used to.
Cannot bite using the front teeth anymore because they feel so damn sore. I can't even bite 黄面 so yeahhh.
The pain isn't really that much, my inner lips just feel itchy because the metal parts kept brushing across them and I really feel the need to scratch them. O.O
But so far so good, I have been trying to eat soft food as much as possible!


But guess my first meal right after I had my braces on? Heh.

Yummy Pitan Tofu!
The tofu was served chilled with thick century egg sauce, salty enough for me! I loveeeee salty stuff! HAHA.

 And the legendary highly raved by many SHIOK! Maki which is simply shiok! :D
If I am not wrong, there's unagi, lightly flamed salmon, avocado, cheese sauce, mayo and fish roe for the ingredients! DOPE!
First time I ate sashimi (technically) and actually enjoyed every bite of it! (Y)
Go try it if you haven't!

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
435 Orchard Road
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre #04-21 (Food Republic Level)
Singapore 238877
Tel 91803805


Hmm. And I guess getting braces makes one's oral hygiene much much better since you would tend to brush your teeth or gargle your mouth after every meal? It's not nice having food stuck uh!! I had a hard time getting food out especially the fish roe hahahaha.
Lucky I was given a special small brush to use for such things! :)

Oh and I realise I become more narcissistic too? I tend to look at myself and smile in the mirror more lolol. Smiling feels weird too especially after getting the braces, when you try to close your mouth awkwardly. HAHA.
Still trying to get used to it! 

And yes I lost weight! No idea why though because I think I still eat like normal lehh.
Maybe just more slowly?

Can't wait for next appointment to come already so I can try other colours too! :D

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