Saturday, May 18, 2013

#624 - Food As Motivation #23 - Ju Shin Jung

Been wanting to try Korean BBQ since forever, it's just so tempting to hear the sound of meat sizzling over the hot grill and I finally satisfied the temptation at Ju Shin Jung today! :)
Please pardon me if I really sound like a suaku and keep finding the need to caption the photos, I love to share what I know hahahaha.

There are two kinds of seatings available and we could choose which one we want and of course, us being us always wanna try new thing, we settle for the one above! Got more of the feeling, no? :D

 Prices for those who are interested!
Free flow of meat and choice of one main ala-carte per pax!

 Sweets look-alike, see the end of the entry to know what they are! ;)

 Authentic cutlery, the silver chopsticks are flat!

 Super super love the chili which was more of salty than spicy and goes well with any meat.
Lettuce + meat + slices of garlic cloves + this, wrapped and stuff in your mouth = Food orgasm. :D

Side dishes started coming in and I was a little overwhelmed but excited because I watched too much Korean shows and I always see them eating with so many side dishes and I am like I also want to eat that! And now I finally got the chance to do so.

Sizzling sounds of the meat which brought out the carnivore in me! HAHAHA.
Check out Raine's epic face at the end, that side dish is just bleahhhh.

And you don't have to do anything because the staff there BBQ the meat for you! And they are really hygienic. Raine accidentally used her chopsticks to pick up raw meat and then immediately her old set of utensils were changed to a new one. :O

 Spicy Soft Tofu Soup.
Regretted not getting the Hot Stone Bowl Rice!!!

Spicy Cold Noodle.
Ended up adding all into the tofu soup hahaha.

Had an enjoyable time feasting and they gave us watermelon for desserts. :)

 Er yeah I know it's just a simple slice of watermelon... *sheepish grin*
Last photo to show I don't have slanted 兔牙s anymore! :D

 Good lighting for camwhoring. :)

Pop goes the towel which expands upon adding of water.

By the way, they charged an extra SGD2 for the towel, tea and water which I only knew after we made payment! D:

Details if you're interested (click the name for link)
Ju Shin Jung (there seems to be a problem with the link)
27 West Coast Highway
Yess Centre 1F #01-18/19 
Singapore 117867
Tel 64640872

Had a short walk digesting the food at Haw Par Villa opposite Ju Shin Jung. This place is seriously like a ghost town now. The last time I went (primary school days), the place was bustling with people. Now it's super quiet. There was <10 people in the huge place. The statues certainly hold a lot of history but it's kinda scary to be walking near them when it's quiet and all.

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