Sunday, May 26, 2013

#627 - Pink Ombré Cake

Raine and I decided to aim high and thus we baked an ombré cake one fine day! :D

*act one put ingredients nicely*
Don't ever think it is easy to bake okay.
Those baking videos are lies! They prepare everything nicely, add and then stir and mix then bake then TA-DAA!!!
Real life is the exact opposite!
Washing here and there, cleaning up, preparing this and that and whatnot!
I seriously think it's quite hard to bake an ombré cake alone, or maybe it's just me because I am too noob. ._.

Took a few videos too which I am pretty sure people are gonna judge but I shall upload them anyway HAHAHA!
Pardon the mess we made, I had to clear a lot of things and thus everywhere (even the living room with all the equipments' boxes) was a mess! :O

Pretty pink batter which really reminded me of paint! Yeah, of all things, paint. -.-

And... the title and the frame said it all. :P

Before frosting completely!
Used cream cheese frosting, mega sinful mega yummy!!

After frosting.
With buttercream frosting/icing? Are they the same?
Uh... not really that pretty.
Our frosting was kind of mushy and kept falling which explains why we ended up coating it weirdly around the cake!
At that moment our rosettes looked so ugly we were like "Aiya sian fail already lahh, now I just can't wait to cut the cake and see how it looks like."

And really we went from like :( to :/ to :) to :D!

The "omg"s, I know, I want to slap us too...

It was supposed to be "The ombré cake was a success!" and I started video-ing late so yeahhh.

I was glad the cake turned out rather pretty and tasted like how a cake should taste.
Really like touched a bit that at least after cutting, it looks like a cake. :')
Like what they always say how outer beauty not important, most important is inner beauty!
All went well except for the frosting/icing which were weird and pretty sweet, BUT hey, for a first time, I do believe we are not bad already!

Then after a whole day of baking, we went for a supposed-to-be run!
From CCK Park Connector to Pang Sua Park Connector!
Bitched all the way, what's new! :P

And bitch please, 死 Babi, I hope you're reading this!!!
She kept saying I siao/ayg in the videos, "I think they will be bored of you", spoil the whole feeling!! *hurt*
You gonna get more karma! *thinks of chest hair*
But I think I am used to it, LOL. Like in the videos, after she said those stuff, I auto CBB and IS HAHAHA.

This video is just for you LOLOL.

HAHAHAHA, here's to more baking sessions tgt, but probably a less messier one next time?
I had enough of washing!!

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