Monday, May 27, 2013

#628 - Mookata with Cousins

Thai Mookata at New Udon Thai Food @ Golden Mile Complex last Saturday!
Been wanting to try mookata since forever and it's really (unhealthily, you'd know why later or probably guess it already) good! (Y)

Mookata means "Pork Skillet" from what I researched and it's like steamboat the Thai way since the grill is in the middle with the soup at the side which is opposite from the usual steamboat pots us Chinese used!

See that white block on top?
That's the pork lard used to grease the grill so that we can grill the meat!

 We ordered 2 sets (I think it's SGD39 each) for the 8 of us which I think is rather sufficient and there's quite a variety of meat given!
Add-ons of meat is SGD10 and above in case you're wondering!

Thai Iced Tea was ups!

 I freaking love the chili here (I heard you can buy it home) because it's just the right amount of spiciness plus saltiness!!! I am not the only one raving about this okay!! *.*
They gave a rather huge amount too so I felt it was quite a pity that a lot is being wasted!

Kai Xin introduced us to this place hence she knew what to do thus she did the job of greasing while people like me slacked and camwhored! *excuses* :P

 So the lard and the meat's juices would probably flow in the food which explains the unhealthiness of the soup but the essence of the soup was enhanced!! So rich and flavourful!
The meat was also well marinated!

2 sets of the meat/veggies, 7 drinks, 4 bowls of rice and 8 full bloated stomaches!
And we only paid SGD13 each, which I think is really affordable for steamboat! :D
Taste should be authentic since the laobanniang/staff are Thais!

Ugh I want to go back there again!
Or like try other Mookata places in Singapore too!!

Oh one downside here is you'd probably stink later HAHAHA.

New Udon Thai Food
5001 Beach Road 
Golden Mile Complex #01-55
Singapore 199588 
Open daily 11am to 9pm


Last few photos before Qiu Yan left to bake cake for her bf! ;)

Chilled at *scape for hours and we saw crazy fans doing crazy stuff to Noah Yap lolol.
Seriously... ._.

 Thanks to Wan Lin's fiancé who helped us take these photos!
Can't wait to attend your wedding in November! :D

 Early birthday surprise for Jia Xin, blessed birthday from us! :)

And dinner at Menya Musashi!
Oh how I LOVEEEE ramen and ajitsuke tamago! :D :D :D

Totally a high sodium intake day, needa go detox already!!

Braces appointment tmrw, I wonder what colour I should get!
Till then, X

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