Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#644 - Black ZARA Chunky Heels

So... I went shopping with the girls in town today and then we stepped into ZARA wanting to get a bag for a friend's birthday and then I saw this super pretty black chunky heels and I was like !!!

And after rummaging through, I found one in my size (37) which is pretty rare since most of the times they are left with large sizes like 39 and 40!
Tried them on and I love it! :)

 I foresee myself taking a lot of #ootd wearing them!
Can't wait for my F21 loots to arrive so I can match the dresses with these!

Oh ya, the original price of the shoes was $109, and I paid $19.90 only after sale!
I was so so so happy lahh! Haha girls' logic, got discount means is worth it. :P
But seriously $109 to $19.90 is a huge drop lehh!

Till then, X

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