Saturday, August 10, 2013

#643 - Food As Motivation #27 - Standing Sushi Bar / MBS Wonder Full Show

Standing Sushi Bar has always been on my F.A.M. list since when I saw my friend instagrammed like a plate full of sashimi and I was like WOAHHH?

I am a sashimi convert since April this year (glad to be) so I am not sure if it's really worth it lahh but for fresh and thick sashimi, it's a yes for me! :D

 Salmon Sashimi ($3 for 5pcs)
 Thick and fresh! (Y)
Sake (SGD2) at the background for friend who loves to drink, which I took a sip and felt it was blah because I can't appreciate such drinks!

 Yakitori (SGD5)
Which was too salty/sweet!

Japanese Oysters - 2 pcs (SGD5)
Not a fan of such sea creatures but the oysters were damn huge and fresh??
Like normally I avoid such things because they have those fishy gross taste but these don't???
I enjoyed slurping them man!

I also had the Salmon Skin which was not very nice so don't order that I guess? :/

Anyway, the promotion for 5pcs of sashimi at SGD$3 is for Mondays, 6pm - 9pm at Marina Bay Link Mall and both Mondays and Thursdays, 6pm - 10pm at the original outlet at 8 Queen Street!
We made a reservation and went on Monday, there wasn't any queue but the restaurant was quite full so I guess it's best to make one?

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Standing Sushi Bar
8A Marina Boulevard
Marina Bay Link Mall #B2-51
Singapore 018989
Tel 66347068

Went to chill by the riverside later and on a Monday night, everything was just chill and peaceful with the cool breeze blowing. Super nice to 停下脚步看看世界. :)

Waited for the Wonder Full performance near Marina Bay Sands at 9.30pm and as much of a suaku I am, this is my first time watching the full performance and my favourite part got to be when many bubbles came shooting out! What a pretty sight (and kinda romantic too if you are there with your partner)!

Failure at trying to get a shot because I know nuts about using the correct mode for moving items... -_-

So I took a video instead! :D
No idea why it can't be played over here but here's the link:!

The song playing in the video was apt right, What A Wonderful World. :)

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