Thursday, August 8, 2013

#642 - Updates

Been wanting to post this for long and now this entry is going to be so so outdated, but what's new coming from me right...

So as I am really free right now because I was sick yesterday, down with fever (horrible shit) and then I was unable to recover fast enough, fever gone but still having some balance disorder, to work today (that's $112 flown away T.T), I guess I shall sit down and write here, just something for me to look back at when I grow older.

Anyway, this entry contains a lot of different parts of my life, there's work, braces, food and ME. LOL, so don't skip the whole entry just because you don't like what comes first kay..


Initially when I ended my job at IMM and got transferred to JCube, I had so many emotions (drama mama) and had so many things to say out but right now I am a little blank.

I remembered that I was sad to leave the place, I had met many friendly and nice people and then there are also the nice full-timers (well some) who made the place a better place where they would come to our defence when customers were being nasty and I would feel so 'protected'. HAHAHA.

Then I had my times making announcements to the whole mall which was a first in my whole life okay! At first I was even reluctant to do so, because I thought I'd stutter and then people will laugh at me. Then I got used to it and would always announce when I can. Maybe because my voice sounded so nice over the announcer? Okay I kid.

And I also remembered how we always had to write down all the transaction details on paper every night during closing and I guess nobody really loves this writing job except me, because I really love to write and then look at how neat my handwriting is. LOL. This is the only thing I am proud of so please don't judge me.

And that's not official signature in case you were thinking it looks easy to forge.

Okay as much as I left the job and went to JCube, I found myself preferring to stay at IMM better.
Somehow the customers I met at IMM are so much better, this one not I biased or what, because another full-timer who worked at JCube for a while also mentioned the same thing!

And hahaha there was one customer who recognised me at JCube, he said "Aren't you working at IMM?" I was like woahhhh, but then since I had braces, I think it's quite easy to remember me lahh hor?

But all in all, I concluded that I really enjoyed working the last 2 months plus at IMM and it was really an eye-opnening experience for me over there. :)


Okay this part is a little late, but bon voyage y'all!
Hope y'all will have a happy and good time touring Europe before school starts! #richasses
HAHAHA. Have fun and stay safe okay (I doubt anyone will be reading this because they are having fun right now luhh) especially Zac, who didn't buy insurance. LOL.


Last one, I changed my braces colour again, RED this time! :D

And then I was introduced the elastic bands! Remember the other entry where I was saying my top row's slanted to the right? Yupps, so in order to shift them back, my orthodontist had me wear elastic bands! And after Googling, I found out that my elastic configuration is the Class II Elastic: These elastic usually attach from the upper canine hook to either the bottom 1st molar hook or 2nd molar hook. These elastics help move your upper teeth back and your bottom teeth forward.

So far so good, no snapping and all and makes me eat slower like a demure lady hahahaha. I kinda love the tension it gives so I kept opening and closing my mouth when I first change them lol. The first day and second day were damn jialat though, my whole mouth felt sore and I couldn't open 1 cm without feeling pain. #nojoke

And yes, I finally went to cut my hair! Apparently I trimmed off A LOT, now it feels so light, I think my hairdresser layered 1/2 of it off! (Y)
And I must say, having someone to wash your hair for you is damn shiokkkkk. :D
Photo doesn't do my thin hair justice hahahah.
And my hair parting was shifted a little too, plus I've got short fringe now which takes a little while to get used to!
As usual, this photo doesn't do anything I said justice, so I will throw in one more lah hor?

Taken at Raine's house, good lightings with zero edits, maybe I can consider taking my passport photo there! ^^

That being said, I went over to her house in attempt to bake macarons which failed because she mixed up the whole recipe and we added powdered sugar instead of the normal sugar. -.-
Everybody has been saying how it's hard to succeed at the first time, and I wanted to prove people wrong, but thanks to Raine, our first times (LOL) were given away like that lahh!!
And is confirm will succeed if we never make any mistakes one because Raine tried the same recipe following every single step the next day and she got perfect macaron shells lor!!! TSK. Wasted.

We were still successful at this step (right before adding the wrong sugar) and this is to prove that the egg whites were whipped to the correct consistency where it won't fall when you pour it over your head! Awww, look at Raine looking at me lovingly HAHAHA.

Anyway, I managed to make perfect scrambled eggs at her house that day and she said it was nice!!
I concluded it must be her house's atas pan, TEFAL because I basically did what I usually do for scrambled eggs?!

Looks ugly, not the best angle but the taste is just right and then it's like one large piece not like nuanua or what one okay!

Cycled all the way to somewhere near Sunshine Place to have this yummy Zi Char at Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant.
The venison was so so good!
And the auntie was doubtful of us being unable to finish the $8 (second largest) KangKong and we were like No?? HAHA. Gobbled up every single thing because we were that hungry!
Definitely a good place to have family dinners, next time Imma bring my family there! :)

Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant
216 Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1
Singapore 689477
Tel 67630304

Well, that's a really long entry so I guess I shall end it here!
Read on for more recent entries kayy! :)

School's starting soon, and I am so not looking forward to it! :(

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