Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#641 - Hey Soul Sistaz / SHRIMS SS

Been hanging out with the girls too much I have so many photos not posted and I shall just post some here for visuals! :)

One fine night shopping in town (we got nothing), pity Syahirah couldn't join us. :(

Decided to meet up again to shop (hahaha, girls) and then it was full attendance that night since Shakilah joined us later after her work!
So we chilled at Starbucks!

Yuzu Citrus Mascarpone Cake.

Did I mention how much I love Starbuck's Hojicha Cream? It's just sooooo good, thanks for the intro May! :D

And lastly, we met up again last Sunday with the guys to celebrate Haiqel's belated birthday.

City of Horror.
I still prefer The Resistance.

Okay that's all bye.

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