Sunday, September 15, 2013

#651 - Farewell Dinner for Elena

Why do our heads look elongated here? :O

Met up with the Primary School clique last week because Elena is flying off soon!
Sadly Nicole and Natasha couldn't make it. D:

We had a great time catching up while having yummy zhichar at CCK Park! :)

 Proceeded to have desserts because it was still early, like around 8plus and thank goodness Afiqah had a car!

 Ice cream at this super chill and relaxed place May sort of recommended me because she raves about the pistachio ice cream there all the time hahaha!
We had Snow White (super milky tasting), Matcha, Durian and Pistachio with waffles to share.

Everything was so so good, especially the waffles which even tasted good on its own.
It's just flour but it was so fluffy and soft on the inside and sweet. (Y)
The gelato was yummy and all the flavours were true to the taste!
The pistachio here still can't beat the one at Gelateria Italia though, it's the best everrrr!

Alfredo ARTISAN Gelato
21 Lorong Kilat #01-01
Singapore 598123
Tel 64633835

Took probably 100+ crazy looking photos which I can't bring myself to show the world, so here're some normal looking ones!
This photo is too yellow and I can't save it! :(

But anyway, hope you have fun in US, Elena!
Stay safe over there alright and let's meet up again when you are back! :)

PS: And if you realised (which is pretty hard actually), I got lilac coloured braces again!! My friends can't stand me because of my current lilac obsession! HAHA. Anyway, on my 6th colour already, which means it's gonna be half a way since I got braces on! :D Time really flies huh! 

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