Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#652 - Yili's 21st Birthday Party

Last Sunday, Yili celebrated her 21st birthday at Chevrons!
(Man, people around me are getting old. :P)

So I was her unofficial photographer (and did a pretty bad job I must say, thank goodness her friend with those pro huge DSLR saved the day) and I went there earlier to snap snap here snap snap there!

Dragged May and Syahirah along because they were THAT nice and then Shakilah joined us shortly! :)
And if you have read what I did on Yunhui's 21st Birthday Party, you'd know what to expect from this point of the entry onwards..... loads and loads of photos of our faceeees! :D
Okay a lot of May and mine again!

So we decided to chill by the pool since it was early. I was really tempted to dip my feet in man.

 May caught me camwhoring and thus a series of snaps begin...

From here onwards, we were trying to imitate how Syahirah smiles without teeth!

*realises it's really hard to smile without teeth now that I've got braces on*
*edited the lightings of the photos, no edits to face, it's just makeup*

Okay then we move on to take ootd photos... at the exact same place we took ours back then in April.

 And then we went back to the chalet and went upstairs because Syahirah had some quiz she forgot to do. So May helped her Google while I contributed by keeping quiet and camwhoring.

Photobomb so many times by them until I found this shot which was rather nice, no?

Okay, sorry, this is supposed to be Yili's Birthday Party not May/Shufen's camwhoring party.

*finds photos I took with Yili to prove*
Here you go!

Out of so many shots, 80% of them was photobombed by May and Syahirah and then a while later, they were like okay we shall hide.
Then this photo came about which I thought was quite funny, hahaha.

Lilac balloons, so loveeee!
Took loads of photo with them HAHA, don't judge.

 Pretty guestbook made by Yili's friends, I also want something like this!

 Buffet dinner by the pool while chatting and laughing with the SHRIMS people.
Love times like this, joking around with no stress.
Oh, and I love the chocolate pastries that day, they were good!!!!!

Time to cut the cake!! :)
It seems like most of the 'highlights' in the party are mainly the cake cutting session, singing of birthday song and taking photos.

Happy birthday, Yili! :)
Specially scheduled this entry to be on your actual birthday y'know hehee.
Hope you enjoy yourself on this day and have many happy returns kay!
Best wishes and I sure hope you love the present we got you because we really think it suits you!!

After-party had us camwhoring, AGAIN.
Hey Soul Sistaz were the last to leave and we were even given some food home... Feel so paiseh. :/

 FYI, the bench was too small and I was sitting on air.
Gotta emphasise this, LOL.
I think it looks like I am sitting on something though. #notbad
Reminds me of the RM episode where all of them sat on cones while KJK had the luxury of sitting on a chair. Okay I digressed.

Remember I said we took lots of photos with balloons?

 We wanted to capture photos of us surrounded by the balloons but hey, the balloons weren't cooperative! Hahahaha.
And most of the time, Syahirah was laughing away (which you can really see in her smiles and I really think she looks happy) because May and I were acting like those picky photographers in ANTM.
"Tilt your face a little." "Okay, yes, I think we got a good shot."
Or like the ANTM judges.
"I love how your face looks...." "I'd give this photo a 10." "I don't like this photo."
HAHAHA those who watched ANTM would know.

Oh and I took a lilac balloon on the way back!
Because I wanted to play with helium!
It was so funny hearing my minion-like voice, took a video of it but I am too shy to upload HAHA.
Maybe next time I'd do a better one.

Ending this entry with the birthday girl's faceeee! :)
Love the huge ass balloons too, so shinyyy!! *.*

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