Friday, December 13, 2013

#659 - Officially Breaking the Hiatus

Breaking the long hiatus with a huge photo of my face!
Too much photos in my phone's camera roll and thought I'd share them here before blogging proper about my December!

Yes, exams were finally over last Friday and I had very jampacked activities from 7-12 December.
Lots of first times, will blog about them soon! ^^
Finally took at rest today, slept all the way till near 5pm, gosh! But it was soooo goooood! :D

Okay many photos ahead, decided to let them see the light!
Substandard blogging ahead, you've been warned!

Lmz became my guinea pig for trying out waterfall braid!

Best sautéed potatoes I have ever tasted!
From Saveur! Favourite! :D

 A very good deal from MBMJ! :)
Got all these freebies even though I paid the same price as getting the normal one! Score!

Simply love their perfumes scent, very light!
Now I abandon my other perfumes for them! Whoops. :/

 Accidental shot! Very clean corridors I like LOLOL.

 Very yummy apple cider which I had been craving for weeks!
Finally satisfied that craving and then suffered at the end. :(

I think I can conclude I am allergic to beer/alcohol, not the first time I had crazy intense rashes after drinking them.
Whole body was so red and hot and itching all over, horrible!
But I still like the apple cider!

 How can anyone resist cheese fries, 对不对?
But KFC change the fries which are less yummier!

One evening after my badminton elective!
Erm just to show my braid and *coughs* natural (well they were for that day) double eyelids!

Lmz made a HUGE batch of fried chicken wings! 几love! :D

Tried Tokyo Banana for the first time too! Thanks to Raine and her bf!
Soft and fluffeh!
Apparently you can find them in Singapore already, Orchard Central sells them!
But at a very expensive amount! :O

 Had a presentation for Technical Communication in school that day! Formal wear!

And came home to find that my pretty blingz shiny necklace in the mailbox! :)

Found some time to meet with le best butt before exams started and we had average tasting ramen at this supposedly good ramen place called Tampopo.
Shopped a while and she got her classic black, where she changed unglamly downstairs to take an ootd!

 Yeah my blingz shiny necklace!
And finally got a chance to use my lilac (!!!) bag!

Early birthday present for le chingu!

Finally got my New Balance sneakers as well!
Wanted the 574 in black but the smallest size they've got was 40 only!
Settled for 373 instead! Very very comfortable! (Y)

 My favourite pistachio icecream is from this store and yes they have an outlet in Lot 1!!

Bought the e-coupon on qoo10 for $3.99 when the actual price for this is $9.90!
Was so sad though, because this outlet at JCube opened late due to some problems and what's more, they don't have my pistachio flavour that day!
SOBS. Settled for matcha, pink guava and butterscotch! So 可惜! :(

Pizza Hut's standards have dropped!
Their cream baked cheese was so watery!!

 Favourite Yong Tau Foo from 高记! :D
Was first introduced to this at Chinatown by lmz!
So glad they had one at Koufu YewTee Point! Always add more 料 and this is the only time I eat my fishballs!

Hokkien Mee from Clementi!
Gave it another chance, but no, it's really too dry for me!

 Some yummy food from NUS Techno Edge during dinner while I was studying there for exams!

Study also must camwhore uh!

 Okay. ._.

 While waiting outside for le NUS friend to come so I can go into the library!

Another yummy store at Koufu YewTee Point!
Super love duck rice's herbal soup!!

There's one yummy one at the building next to JCube! :)

 Gotta love luncheon meat! *hearts in eyes* 

 Lost count of how many watches I have at hand (omg can consider as pun hor??)!

 Free Starbucks day!! The cranberry white mocha was pretty good!
Donated $2 to the Salvation Army!
They even gave us free AAA batteries, currently using them for my GC!

Toast with icecream from XinWang while discussing about my BKK's itinerary 2 nights with May before we fly off!
In my most honest opinion (HAHAHA), I think this is good enough for me than compared to After You's (BKK) where many raved about! :/

The next day saw me at Raine's house making food for her 21st!
Will blog about it soon!


Stay tuned! :)

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