Monday, December 16, 2013

#660 - Raine's 21st Birthday Party

To read Raine's version on her birthday party, do visit for updates! She recently changed her blog url and started to update more regularly. Support k! :)


Last Saturday was a full day spent preparing for Raine's 21st Birthday Party which was held at Ritz Carlton at night!

Woke up early to get to her house to do the necessary stuff and helped with making of sandwiches and tiramisu!
Was a rushed day, felt like Raine was going to get married off or something man hahaha.

After some delays here and there, we finally checked in the hotel at late afternoon, and let me present to you how pretty the suite is!!

 Huge bathtub where I got to soak in since I went early, thanks Raine! :D

Such a pity we got the corner suite, because I've seen online that the bathtubs in other rooms face the MBS view!
But it's okay, we can still admire the MBS view from the living room and bedroom! :)

 Amazing view (and at a high price to pay too)!

My bath bomb for my first ever bathtub soak! Was so looking forward to 泡澡 hahahaha.

But I got the wrong one I guess, I wanted those fluffy bubble bath kind but this one only makes the water pinkish with the rose petals and all.
And I guess I am too short for the bathtub. There's a pillow kind at the top of the bathtub and also metal armrests at the side of the bathtub but whenever I tried to position myself to lie on the pillow and rest my arms on the armrests, I kept slipping down into the bathtub. ._.

But say real one, soaking in the water is damn shiok!!! :D
I even watched a bit of The Heirs while soaking!

Speaking of The Heirs, I finally completed it and it's so disappointing! :(
Even good looking cast can't save it!

Okay sorry I digress, supposed to be talking about the partaye!

Dress code was floral, very apt for me since I've got tons of floral stuff (though after my BKK trip, my monochrome stuff can compare already)!

So thankful that Raine's two other closer friends arrive so they could help with the decorations!

Purposely take this one, Babi! ;)

Crisis before the start because the backdrop Raine and I stuck on earlier fell! D:
And then there was hair and makeup to be done!
Food arrival was late because Raine's bf and friends got lost along the way!

Helped the birthday girl with her falsies and hair (am no pro myself :/) and then all of us zhng here and there and then yes people started arriving!

Special feature to the cute panda sushis, too cute to be eaten!

  Birthday girl with her Minnie balloon which she forced me to hold when taking a photo with her! D:
*see the first photo in this entry*

Following her down to fetch people because I feel a little out of place in the suite heh!

 OMG?! I had no idea how this happened, but sometimes photos I uploaded to Blogger gets converted to GIF somehow. I just realised the Christmas lights shimmering in this, even in the reflection, how cool is this!!!!! :O :O :D
Don't even know how it happened to become a GIF itself because I only took uploaded one shot of this to Blogger. AMAZING.
刚好是我跟le chingu 的照片, 有那么巧?!
*still in shock, can't close my mouth*

You've got to agree this is a pretty photo!
I love Christmas because of the pretty lightings! :D

 One shot with Mama, whom we went down to fetch!

Cake cutting session, the standard and usually last part of the whole party!

Raine showed me her cake plan before and it was such a pity the plan couldn't come true because her mango was too juicy which makes her cake keep on leaking and melt her fondant. She had to settle with the kitkats in the end!

Nonetheless, it was a yummy cake with the top being oreo cheesecake and the bottom being mango mousse (?).


 One with primary school people and another with the JC ones!

No full attendance for both sadly!
Was told to join for the secondary school one since I know the people too but too weird to be appearing too many times lolol.

Made these two lovebirds take photo together! Wasted, should have make him kiss her or smth!! :P
They really look alike right!!!
Anyway, last long together kayy! I wanna like be your wedding emcee and tell everyone of how you two meet hahahaha.

4/6 of primary school clique (Raine included) attended the party!

Happy birthday once again, le best butt! :)

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