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#662 - Bangkok Travelogue - Day 1 and Day 2

Journey to the Land of Smiles 2 days right after exams ended! :D

Booked tickets for the trip right before the riots started and thus went for it in the end. Well, all was good, most of the areas I wanted to go/went were not exactly affected by the riots so thankfully, all of us were safe.

Gonna be an image heavy paragraph lengthy entry ahead with my Day 1 and 2 erm... adventures!

Here's some cui shots of us who had only a few hours sleep that night!
Was trying to take a shot of the whole plane, sorry to the guy caught sleeping. Heh.

We got the first row seats and apparently they were the ones with the most legs space (score, not that I care looking at how LONG my legs are hahaha) but according to May, we'd have to pay more if we choose these specific seats. YAY! 

 I wonder what it is like to be a pilot to see such views every time he flies. Sunrises, sunsets and night view full of stars!!!! WOW. I will never get sick of such views, they are not the same every time!

Boy, am I lucky to have May's mum who's a Thai, she made a lot of things very fast and convenient for us during this trip! :)

Like for example, when we alighted the plane and had to like let the in-charge check our passports, we realised that the queues for the foreign passports holders were so long (I am pretty sure there were at least 100 people in line, the horror) and the queue for Thailand passport holders was like less than 10. So May's mum talked to the in-charge or whatever you called those people in Thai and then he let us 'out' within minutes. Awesome. Must have made all those people in the foreign queues glare at us since we were carrying red passports! :P

But so lucky and thankful lor! We arrived in Bangkok at 9 plus on a Sunday with the aim of combing Chatuchak Market, imagine if we'd queued and waited in the foreign passport holders' queue! Can say byebye to Chatuchak Market since we'd to check in and cab to the place and all! So yay again! :D

I know I am very long-winded, but I got to blog everything I can remember now so that next time I can look back kayy.

 First stop once we were out was to get prepaid cards!
Did some research online and many chose to get this Happy Tourist card from dtac and thus we did the same.
The advertisement can be seen in the airport and they even inform you where to get them in the airport so all's good since it's easy to locate.
It's 299Baht / approx SGD12 (rate conversion for easier reference) for 7 days of unlimited data and 100Baht free calls, so technically it's SGD8 for like 7 days of unlimited data! Really good deal to have internet on the go! :) What's more, if you ever run out of money for calls, you can simple head to any 7-11 convenience stores to top up!

The air in Bangkok is so different from Singapore, so cooling like air con!
(But over at Chatuchak, it was scorching hot!)

Took a cab to Chatuchak Market while May's mother checked into our hotel for us because she wanted to head somewhere to get her stuff for her shop. Plan was to meet at Siam later!

 So hungry we settled for some random Mango Sticky Rice which was pretty average!

Walked around aimlessly until the store owner gave us a map each when we asked for directions!
This place is too huge, with so many sections, you can never cover them all in a day!

There were some must-tries here at Chatuchak Market too and first we craved for meat thus we went around searching for some pork chop buns hahaha.
Search for buns fail and then at one turn, we somehow ended up at another must-try on our list!

 I love the herbal taste of the soup plus the texture of the glass noodles! *slurps*
Craving for it now! It costs 50Baht / approx SGD2.

Didn't get the address of the place but it's located at a corner (sure that helps a lot hurhur) and apparently most people say it's at the main food streets area!
Spot the many red banners and you'd know!

 There were lots of stalls selling coconut ice-cream as well and among all, there was one that was highly raved by many. Of course, in such a hot weather, we definitely had to get one to try!

So it was said by many that the 'authentic' one was the one stored in coconut husks with a flag on it and also that they give out free coconut juice along with it. I am not really sure if I got the right one but this was pretty good, although the coconut flesh that came with mine were pretty hard. D:

 Decided to get some cooling drinks and head out to the MRT station to take a rest before going in for Round 2 at Chatuchak Market.

Round 2 consists of us walking with plan in mind map in hand and we also tried quite a bit of the food!

Quail eggs and some others not pictured.

Headed to BTS Mo Chit to train to Siam! The railway system works the same as Singapore and it's very easy to understand even though they have different lines operating under different companies(?).

 Thailand roads are all very waxy and shiny and I always wonder why.

Sorry, tourist 就是 tourist, everything must take photo one.

 Their train ticket works the same as our own MRT cards.
Trip from Mo Chit to Siam cost us 42 Baht / SGD1.60!

Siam Paragon on the first day even though it was planned to be visited on the second because of the riots!

Walked a bit and it kind of reminded me of Ion so yepp, no shopping done! #notrichenough

Tried After You which I swear countless people have raved about the Shibuya Honey Toast until I tell myself I got to try it when I go BKK to see if it's really THAT nice.

You get a queue number, wait to be called, then once settled down, you have to order and pay at the cashier.
There were self-service free flow syrup tasting water to go along with!

Hazelnut Pancake with Nutella Sauce (175 Baht / approx SGD7)
 This was okay, I quite love the fragrance of the buttermilk pancakes.

 Shibuya Honey Toast (175 Baht / approx SGD7)
The toast was so oily and too buttery in the middle. :X

Thank goodness they were for 3 to share, we can't even finish them! Haha I think May and I have weird taste buds, whenever people rave highly about something, we always find it to be average or okay only.
Like that time at Tim Ho Wan also the same case. :/

In any case, you can always give it a try when you're there! 不同人不同口味!
They have quite a few outlets!

After You
Siam Paragon, Ground Floor
Tel 02 610 7659

The toilet door in Siam Paragon told me this. #notsurehowtoreact hahaha.

We then headed to this night market near Siam Paragon, I shall assume it's called Siam Night Market.
Lots of things to see and many I want to buy BUT the prices are like around Singapore's range so I controlled. Somemore first day only, don't wanna anyhow spend! But I got some necklaces there! ^^

Walked for a bit and then cabbed to Chinatown for late dinner!
Bustling streets!
Accidental cool GIF again! I need to know how this happened, my pictures will never be boring again!

Dinner was at T&K Seafood, which seems to be a place many tourists frequent!
A tick off my to-try list in BKK! :)

There's another similar restaurant right opposite too which is also not bad from what I've heard.
Staff are all in green for T&K but red for the other, very easy to spot!

I thought the guy on the left looks a little like Jay Chou... >.<

We were seated so close to the roads!

Left the job of ordering to May's mum, I have trust in her taste lolol.

 Stir-Fried Morning Glory (50 Baht / approx SGD2)
Singapore Tze Char sells this at at least $4 and above and the share isn't even huge!

 Shrimp Cake (150 Baht / approx SGD6)

Steamed White Snapper in Spicy Garlic and Lemon Soup (S: 300 Baht / approx SGD12 / L: 350 Baht / approx SGD14)
Very huge fish in real life! And they never 偷工减料 one! Very yummy and fresh I want to eat this now!! Love the sauce too, can drink one since not that salty! I ate it with white rice. :)

Actually had one more order, Pan-Fried Oyster in Batter (which is basically Oyster Omelette) but they didn't take in and we were quite full already so yeaaa....

Ordered these dishes with rice and 2 mineral water bottles and bill came up to approx SGD7 per head!
I am sure if bigger group visit, it'd be more worth it lahh, try more varieties at almost the same price I paid!

T&K Seafood
49-51 Soi Phadung Dao
Yaowarat Rd, Bangkok 10100
Tel 01 507 5555

Went to 林真香 to get some pork snacks for the family and Raine!
Apparently quite famous also?
They have two shops in Chinatown, not sure which one was the one I visit, but do try the Crispy Rice with Silky Pork, quite addictive hahaha. I finished half of the box on my own. :X

林真香 Yaowaraj Shop 1 
390 Yaowaraj Road, Opposite Cathay theatre
 Tel 2 224 5239

林真香 Yaowaraj Shop 2 
366-369 Yaowaraj Road.
At the entrance of Talad Kao lane
Tel 2 224 5296

Hotel sweet hotel after all those adventures!

My day 1 very happening, covered quite a lot of places!
But day 2 was mehhhhhh, not complaining though, LNG on that day, cramps gaogao so couldn't really 拼! Hahaha.

Also can't be bothered with looks as you can see, beady eyes, specs and bloated face.

Headed to the Bobae morning market/Bobae tower just outside/next to our hotel, really a lot of things and I managed to get some tops for Dad and Bro! :)

Complimentary hotel breakfast later!

Peaceful rally on the second day apparently and we could see this from our hotel.
This was at max zoom though so they were actually quite far from us!

It's nothing much actually, still thought will see like A LOT of people like those below:

This was at Siam Paragon on that same day!
Photo credits to @myklbak on Twitter.

 Platinum Mall.
Photo credits to @kat_TRnews on Twitter.

So like I said, it was really nothing much!

 Reminds me of Raine's birthday dress!

 Kwang Soo's giraffe lookalike!!

These shops all close as early as 2pm. 冷清.

Lunch was a simple affair at Bobae food centre!

Realised that most of the food centres in BKK uses the buy coupons to pay tactic!

Back to the hotel to rest and prepare to head for MBK next!
Managed to get a shot of the bedroom after room service.
We stayed in Superior room I think and it was mega hugeeee (rest of the areas were too messy to be worthy of photos).
There was a bathtub (which I didn't use, skeptical of overseas' bathtubs lol and the tap water in BKK is a little yellow #justsaying) in the toilet as well!

It costs 1800 Baht / approx 70 per night only! :O
That being said, it wasn't near shopping places like Platinum Mall lahh, stayed here for the first 2 nights because May's mum wanted to get stock for her shops, but with such comfort, I am not complaining!

MBK was quite boring. ._.
And when May and I spot fast food restaurants like McDonald's and KFC, first thing we did was to look at the menu hahaha.

Cinnamon sticks!

Auntie Anne's pretzels are so much cheaper in BKK!
Original pretzel is priced at like 32 Baht / approx SGD1.20! Singapore's is at least twice I am sure.

Dinner was at MK restaurant, where people raved about their roast duck apparently.
It's a steamboat restaurant.

Wasn't on our itinerary, just happened to decide on this restaurant only to know how popular it is when I came back to Singapore and looked it up on the Internet lol.
They recently opened an outlet here in Westgate, Singapore!

 Erm like that lor, normal and the soup base for the steamboat was quite bland!
Not really worth it!

I love the jujube steamed buns though, they tasted like cheng tng in the paste version! ^^
Checked the menu over here at Singapore but they don't have it! :(

Ended the night early and here's my loots for the 2 days in BKK! :)
Not a lot and some are for bro/friend but at least I got what I like, like the daisy necklace (crazy fan of daisies) and best buy was the super good quality grey striped dress at Chatuchak Market for 150 Baht / SGD6!

Will blog about Day 3 and 4 soon, stay tuned! :D

PS: Read the older posts if you haven't, I've updated quite a bit. :)

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