Monday, January 13, 2014

#673 - Updates / Food As Motivation #35 - Five & Dime Eatery

First day of work, loads of time wasted, not that I am complaining and we get to go off early today too BUT I really hate to wait okay! Actually I hate waiting or having people wait for me lahh!

Probably gonna be updating my daily musings and nonsensical stuff on Dayre so do follow okay!! And I do follow back, unless you are unactive lah. :) If you are too lazy to get one, can also read online to 捧场 haha.

That being said, I got another new widget on the side of my blog, askfm! Used to have formspring one till it closed down the other time! Now I am back with another one. In case anyone has any questions to ask regarding my blog or whatever, you can just ask away k! :) Trying to make things more convenient for some who wanna ask but are lazy to comment hahaha. Those nothing to ask can also read lah if you kpo, although I doubt there will be interesting questions posted. Or even any questions posted in the first place haha.

Moving on.. Clearing my last few F.A.M. entries!

Met up with my ex-workmate on the second day of 2014! :)
We went for F.A.M. that day and spent the evening watching Frozen!

Gonna be an entry filled with food and camwhore photos.
More of the latter one, too much in fact. Heh.

I blogged on my Dayre about this old man cheating her of $1.50, and I am gonna copy paste the chunk here.
I met Yuhui at Redhill because we wanted to bus to Five & Dime Eatery for brunch. Was so late ahhh and she got cheated by this old ahpek. He claimed that he only has fifty cents on him and needs $1.50 more to take the bus home so my friend being hao xin ren gave him the money. End up.... we saw that he went around asking 弱女子 also for money. Wtheck. Then they zao alr and he smiled to himself. I wanna be 正义英雄 and like expose him in front of those cheated ones, BUT I scared lolol. So I only gave him stares. Mehh. Guess he knows though, he didn't once approach me for money! But hais. Why like this. So many conman nowadays uh... 

A short trip from Redhill MRT itself!

We ordered 2 mains to share. :)
Eggs Benny (SGD16)
This was pretty bad, both of us didn't really enjoy it. The fruits don't taste like themselves but instead had this citrusy taste. The potatoes were average. As for the main highlight, the eggs were well poached, however the hollandaise sauce was really bad. I couldn't taste the buttery fragrance at all. All we tasted was the strong lemon juice in it. 

I believe that to have perfect Eggs Benedict, the eggs and the hollandaise sauce are the two most important factors. Thus this was certainly pretty bad. I guess the yummiest thing on the plate was the cherry tomatoes. For real.

Mentaiko Pasta (SGD18)
I love this! It was salty enough for my liking and one can never say no to mentaiko! I love the creamy richness of this! :) Makes me miss Mussel Mentai from Nihon Mura. I am so gonna get the mentaiko sauce if I happened to chance upon it in Japanese supermarkets man.

Oh the waiters/waitresses here are all very goodlooking. Especially the waiters of course. *.* They kept helping me refill water! Such nice service too.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Five & Dime Eatery
297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338
 Tel 92365002

Took another bus down and head for Bugis when we then trained to Braddell for icecream and waffles! That's for another entry another day but in the meantime, I shall share and end this entry with some photos of us or they'd never see the light hahaha. :)
That being said, my hair ain't that long anymore now and I have already dyed the roots too!

More (unglam) ones next time! Till then, X

I care, but I cannot approach you like last time anymore, right?


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