Saturday, January 11, 2014

#672 - Updates

Hi, just back to do some updates, wordy ones. I have a lot of things to say as usual. Gonna be quite unorganised.

Have been quite busy this week, spending half of it on work. Really hectic and injuries-filled.

1. Paper cuts/scrapes. The middle finger's red patch is a result of scraping/cutting the same place over and over again.
2. More paper cuts.
3. Blister.
Not to mention broken nails, look at how short all the nails are except for the thumb one. Such injuries are really unpreventable at the workplace hahaha.

Papers to slot into the envelopes which is what I have been doing those few days.

Dayre-ed this the other day, "Half paralysed chionging work just now. In 8 hours time, I slotted in 4 different documents as a set into 1740 envelopes. Tell me again I am not a robot. Lol."

Speaking of Dayre, my friend followed me there and then I was like ?! how did you find me, because I didn't share it to anyone. He was like "I just kinda knew you would have Dayre so I looked up your name." I was like wow impressed. Hahaha. Am I too predictable?
Right that day when I reached home, I stuck on 4 Salonpas patches because my upper body ached so much. Love Salonpas man, they work wonders! ^^v

Although I faced a lot of injuries (hurts to use Lifebuoy during showers when there are fresh cuts), the pay's good so I am not complaining. Managed to save up a fair bit. #moneyasmotivation

Speaking of #moneyasmotivation, it brings me to talking about F.A.M.. Have still a fair bit of F.A.M. entries to post before I stop for a while. Gonna save up for now and thus I decided to take a small break before resuming it again. I probably don't have time for F.A.M.s anymore too and I realised my entries have been too much focused on food I am missing out on keeping record the rest I do in life. Hahaha, so yeahh, there'a probably gonna be less food photos and more of my life. Lol say until like with F.A.M., I very no life.

Anyway, as I was saying, I've been rather busy. Met with friends the last 2 days to exchange gifts and caught up with one another. Will talk about them soon! Less than 2 days till Internship Attachment (IA) officially starts. Still unsure how to feel about it. On one hand, no exams yay but on the other, it's like work. Routinised one most probably. One thing for sure, since mine is office work and dress code is smart casual, I can put all my dresses to good use. :) I am gonna challenge myself to wear a different outfit everyday and see how long I can last hahaha. Btw, Lmz told me to wear my Pandora to work and I was like for what? She said the four leaf clover charm will bring me luck. Hahaha #okaycan.

Oh and last night I drank some mojito and martini and my drinking allergies acted up again. Really is cannot drink. :( Previously Taiwan beer and Somersby got me flushing red for the whole body and itchy and warm all over for the whole night last time. Not to mention heart palpitations. Last night, I was scratching my forearms and stomach and inner thighs the whole time which itched so so bad. And my wrists swelled to the size equivalent to that of pig trotters, really no joke.

See? :O Look at the creases!
Before this, I can wrap my thumb and index finger around the wrist but now not anymore wtheck!!

*update* One more. It started swelling more towards the night and my body started itching real bad again. Going to see the doctor tmrw if the swelling doesn't subside.

As I am typing this now, my arms are aching and the swellings still haven't really subsided. Now random places are starting to itch again and there is too much redness everywhere. Jialat. I Googled and apparently I am not alone in this. They are caused by dehydration so I have been drinking water every now and then. Hope they will subside soon!

Btw, yesterday I was a little star-struck because I saw 戚玉武 at FEP alone eating Chee Cheong Fun lolol (he has the cool man look), and then later Desmond Koh (not that star struck for this) at Central.

Drama last night at 3am. Raine's mum sent us home and all along I had my phone with me in the car. Reached home and then I wanted to charge my phone and then I realised it was missing!! Thinking that I might have dropped it in the car, I called Raine urgently and she said she couldn't find it at all. Kept calling my phone, it could get through but then no one answered lahh. For a moment, I was kinda panicking because I had no idea where it could be. And a little negative as well, because I simply assumed that if I were to drop it when alighting, somebody would have picked it up already since when I alighted, there were 2 teenagers smoking near the place. Brother convinced me to head down to check and guess what? It was lying there innocently on the pavement floor. LOL. So lucky and I was super relieved to get my phone back. I guess partly because it was 3am in the morning and there was not really much human activities around at that time plus my phone was on vibration mode only!

This incident gave my dad a bad scare though. Raine called my house again when my brother and I went downstairs and that woke my dad up. As my brother and I went down in a rush, we locked the gates but didn't close the main door and imagine my dad's reaction to that. Plus, when he answered the phone, Raine requested to speak to me and I was nowhere to be found. And one more thing, my dad also realised that my brother's room was wide open and he wasn't there at all too. So I guess those were a little too much for him to handle. He was telling me how shocked he was last night just now. I felt so guilty lahh, sorry daddy. :(

Moving on to random stuff, my Lmz has been quite enthusiastic in making fake shark's fin broth for the family.
Which I think is not bad lahh, give her fake shark's fin broth some attention time here haha.

Oh and if you remember I tweeted about my cousin's son, here are some of his photos!
So 可爱 and I managed to carry him quite a while before he started crying because he 认人 one which means he will look for his dad after a while.
Even when he cries also cute lahh, 泪汪汪 one plus his eyes so big. Aww.
Did try to take a photo with him/his elder brother BUT my face really is cannot make it then so no photos hahaha.

I have been having too many weird/dramatic dreams nowadays.
Recently it involved one where a group of soldiers captured all of my friends and I and they wanted to kill us all with weapons that looked like potato peelers which is magnified to 100X its size. I assumed they were intending to skin us alive and thus tried coming up with ways to escape. I kept saying I need to go to the toilet. Hahaha and then they let me off while I see the rest of my friends being shipped away in ferries. Seriously? Today I woke up with another dream as well, where I made a new friend called Fenjey (pronounced as Fun-gee) lolol. Damn wtf right. And she was an extrovert who displays the characteristics of a 女强人. My dreams really.... ._.

Will rush my remaining F.A.M.s soon enough! Annyeong! :)

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