Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#700 - Wedding w Cousins

Hello! My last entry here in Singapore before I fly off to Korea for 5 weeks!
So stoked!

This entry is going to show how I have a copy paste face be just my photos taken w my cousins and I at a cousin's wedding (don't have their photos though)!

Wedding dinner #ootd, le bro said this dress is too big on me, I agree.
And sadly, he had to book in that day, so no one was there to help me snap pretty ootds!

 Photos w the parents, we reached too early!
Saw a stretch of houses (those old school metal gates kind) perfect for ootds lahh!

LMZ and I!

With the female cousins present that day, spam alert.
Found out that day Kai Xin is going to Korea for summer studies too, SKKU and... Corporate Communications somemore!
And there's a possibility we might meet each other when touring in Jeju!
What are the odds man! (Y)

 Anyway, I really can't help it but to have one default face when smiling. I mean how many kinds of smiles can one have (referring to those w teeth). You mean you choose to reveal less teeth this kind? I don't get it.

Till then, X

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