Saturday, July 5, 2014

#701 - Busan: The Beginning

Finally I am back from my unplanned hiatus and am going to blog about my Korea's summer trip in bits and pieces.

First place I headed to in Korea was Busan and I must say I really love the place, in fact more than Jeju but I will talk about that another time.
The weather (although it gets really chilly at times), the food and the whole atmosphere, chu-ah!
It is not really fast paced, yet the place is quite developed, not what I expected it to be.

And I had the best hostel stay there in Busan, at The New Day! It was a few minutes walk from Haeundae station.
The standard of the rest of the hostels just went downwards from then on. :/

The view outside the hostel.

 Look at how clean and new this place feels!! No photos of the room because we made it a little too messy but the beds are comfortable and my room even had a TV.

The showers rooms and toilets were clean and brightly lit and hairdryers are provided.

I've got something to say!
Koreans have this culture of not flushing toilet papers down the toilet bowls unlike we Singaporeans do, thus I had a hard time getting used to it and throwing my waste paper in the bin next to the toilet bowl. Apparently, this is the same in Taiwan. I was told the pipes in Korea are slimmer?? Haha.
Oh! And I think that Koreans are really open about seeing the same gender naked (take jjimjilbang for example). I had my first time when I saw the shower room at The New Day. It was just this big room w 3 shower heads near each other. So that very night I had a steamy (HAHA mirrors steamy lahh) hot shower with 2 other agassis!

Moving on, what's more at the hostel... some photo credits to Kenneth haha.

A cosy place for us to hang out at the top level!

With an outdoor place with a pretty garden and swing. How not to like!

After we settled down, we headed out in search for lunch because all of us were famished after the 6-7 hours' flight.

Did very minimal research on Busan's food and chanced upon this restaurant which I vaguely remembered seeing online.

First meal in Busan: Sogogi-gukbap (소고기국밥): Spicy Beef Soup with Rice.
Hearty soup for the famished seouls which was perfect in Busan's chilly weather. It's really like aircon blasting in your face!
Food's pretty decent except the beef was too little!! 4000 won for this.

On board the train to head to our next destination! #doublechindontcare Who am I kidding! :/

Shall blog again soon! Till then, X

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