Monday, July 21, 2014

#703 - BIFF Square

BIFF - Busan International Film Festival!
We went to BIFF Square in search for Busan's street food! It's very near Jagalchi Market!

 Spicy chicken which we all shared.

Hotteok (호떡): A sweet and salty pancake snack (salty part like hum chin peng) filled with nuts, sugar and cinammon.
It's really good and cost us 1000won. (Y) Many of them kept coming back for this hahaha.
I love the dough/pancake more than those nuts. More of a savoury taste person. :D

Odeng (오뎅): Fishcake Skewers.
Always see Yoo Jae Suk eating this and then drinking the soup and it looked damn good??
Must try! I love how it doesn't have the fishy taste like Singapore's and also free soup refills which taste very nice?? *salivating thinking about it, what I'd give for a cup of that hot soup*

Some special shaped icecream!
The cone is made from some corn (didn't really like it) and the vanilla tasted more like milk powder kind.

Pretty sure there's more, just that we didn't try!
I saw stalls selling tteokbokki and hotdogs for example. Can go there around evening to see see and eat all the street food! (Y)

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