Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#704 - Jagalchi Market

 How can one not visit the Jagalchi Market when they go to Busan right!

Basically it's just a big fish/seafood market, where you will see endless rows of similar seafood.

 So hugeeeee. :O

From what I read from online blogs, many will choose and buy the seafood and then head to some restaurants which will help them cook the food at a price.

What we did instead, was to walk down this lane of restaurants.

 Walked all the way to the back (which according to my friend sells cheaper food) and had dinner at this restaurant.

Hwal-eo hoe (활어회): Sliced Raw Fish.
Very different from sashimi, this was more chewy in texture, still, I love it!
Dip this with the gochuchang and it's so yummy! ^^

Deep Fried Mackerels.
Neither a fan of deep fried fish, nor a fan of fish w a lot of bones. It was quite fragrant though, I tested a small bit hahaha.

Eel which was eew to me lolol. The texture is too weird.

And the highlight of that night's meal:

Sannakji (산낙지): Live octopus seasoned with seasame oil and seasame.
It was hard for us to put this squirming stuff in our mouths at the start, the fact that they squirmed too much plus their suctions were really strong totally put us off. You have to overcome that fear to enjoy this dish. Once you put it in your mouth, you have to chew real quick in order to stop it from sucking you hahaha.
Apparently you must chew more too because I heard of cases people choked because it was still alive after they swallow! I didn't want to risk that happening so I chewed hard and a lot of times as well heh.

And I must say it's a cool experience to feel it sucking? LOL. And very fragrant too, with the seasame oil! A must-try!

Not sure how much the meal cost because I had no idea what I recorded (some 22x 800) LOL but I remember it being quite expensive. :o

Abrupt end till the next one, X

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