Thursday, July 24, 2014

#705 - Busan Gwangandaeyo Bridge / Gwangalli Beach / Haeundae Beach

Made our way to Gwangalli Beach to see the light show at Gwangandaeyo Bridge at night.
Busan's weather was really cold then and at night it was 16-17 degrees celsius if I didn't remember wrongly.

Super duper cold with the strong sea breeze, brrrrr.

 Light show which is just the bridge changing colour and all, nothing fanciful.

Walked ahead and touched the seawater, super super cold! I was craving for that bowl of hot soup I had for my first meal in Korea.

Haeundae Beach the next morning!

Okay this is quite funny but apparently Picasa 出 stunt again and this time round it merged the top two photos together when I uploaded them to Blogger. I guess it's because they look really similar. Guess how the end result look like?? I got a shock too!

 HAHAHA. It merged Kenneth's and Teck Kian's faces, but Kenneth's funnier LOLOL.

Headed further down the beach and walked along aimlessly.
 *hearts in eyes*

 Rock Melon ice stick at 1000won.

Lunch at this restaurant recommended by many at the hostel.
 Dwaeji Gukbap (돼지국밥): Pork soup with rice.
This costs 6000 won.
The soup was really bland??? I had to add a lot of the mini shrimps and soybean paste to get the taste! :/

Left the place in the evening for our flight to Jeju (Jeju's adventures coming up!) ! It was a short 2 days 1 night at Busan and there are still lots of places I have yet to set foot on! I love Busan the most even though the time spent here was short.

Busan, I will be back! :)

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