Sunday, July 27, 2014

#707 - Seoraksan National Park

Early morning saw us at Seoraksan National Park because we wanted to climb Seoraksan.
It was freaking cold and as the bus winded up to the place, there was quite a bit of pressure to the ears!

And nope my camera lens weren't dirty, the place was really misty and I gotta say it again, COLD.

 Sorry I am climbing mountain so I can't be bothered with dressing well!

 See how much the mist/fog collected at the same area after a few minutes! :O

The climb up was a little tough, most of the time, instead of steps, there were rocks with uneven surfaces and of different shapes and sizes. And most of us spent the time looking at which rock to step on next than admiring the surroundings. Wear proper shoes, I must say, for a pair of shoes w good grips is really important here!

A filter called "Fog".

It was really cold but I guess my body started warming up when I was climbing and "The cold never bothered me anyway".

 Reach around 1/3 of the hike up and there was a shelter and toilets (which were pretty gross because there were freaking lots of moths?!).

Most of us hiked down after this and the hike down was actually tougher. Imagine choosing and landing on an uneven rock while going down.

We saw a deer on the way down! #sayonlynopictures

 Looks like it's an easy feat, but trust me, there are worse kind of rock combinations compared to this.

Why does these look so flat and easy to walk huh!

So relieved to reach the entrance!

Fog had cleared up by then!

Ending this mundane entry record with group shots and me not inside!

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