Monday, July 28, 2014

#708 - Mysterious Road / Wind Turbines

Mysterious Road, which apparently defies the law of Physics.
When you switched the gear to neutral and not do anything, the car moves uphill on its own. :O
Same goes for any small object like eg. a water bottle or can.

Okay yup, that's about it, what it has to offer hahaha.

Stopped by some place with many wind turbines.
Such sight you can never witness in Singapore.

 Here's our huge 12-seater (driver included) van!

 Lunch at some restaurant our driver Mr Ann brought us to! He must have some connections there because we went this place twice in a row lol.
Sea urchin w kelp soup!
This sea urchin ain't fishy unlike the one I tried at Itacho Sushi haha.

 Abalone Porridge which was okay only, more like seasame oil porridge. :B

 Some hearty fish soup!

And yummy bibimbap Mr Ann made for us adding those side dishes and all. :)

Bill came up to 11000 won, with that many seafood so I guess it was alright? Eating in Korea is not really cheap haha.

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