Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#710 - Seopjikoji / Manjanggul / Jeju Pork BBQ

As I was sort of in charge of doing Jeju's itinerary, I researched for places to go at the east of Jeju.
Chanced upon this place called Seopjikoji which has rather pretty views, with a cathedral and lighthouse.

 Photos upon credited to respective photographers.

Looks not bad right? I was really disappointed when I reach there. Because there wasn't much things to look at and the cathedral.... Scroll on and you'd know why.

Our driver told us Yoo Jae Suk's second home is somewhere near here? Not very sure how near hahaha.

So here's how the cathedral looks like right now:
Like whut... It got transformed into a gingerbread man house and was under construction. ._.

The lighthouse was nothing to look at either. Truly disappointed and I felt that we've all made a wasted trip. Oh well.


Manjanggul later and okay this was quite disappointing too!

Caves have always given me a mysterious feel, like there is something else inside not known and storybooks have always described it to be something worth exploring. Erm, I guess I read too much. Let's just stop here. :/

The thought of going in a cave was cool at first but after making my trip there, I take back my thought LOL. It was something new though, going inside a real cave. Oh and there was an entrance fee too, at 2000 won.

 It was super cold once we entered the cave. Cold, dark and damp with puddles everywhere and you have to watch your steps because some parts were slippery.

 Lava stalactites, do I sound knowledgeable? Hahaha.

 Some lava raft that looked like a turtle so it was named turtle rock.

 And this is what you will see at the end, I wonder what else is there to see if we are able to go in deeper though.
Apparently there are 3 sections in this cave and the 2nd one was the one being open to tourists if I didn't remember wrongly.

So relieved to be out because it was too cold inside! And I got really hungry!

Mr Ann brought us to have Jeju Pork BBQ dinner, yums! :)


Till the next one, X

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