Thursday, July 31, 2014

#711 - Udo Island

Headed to Udo Island on a day with good weather, sunny yet windy! :)

After looking through the photos taken in Jeju, I must say I love this place the most. Can't really explain why, but it just gives me a very relaxed and carefree feeling plus it has pretty views which makes me feel calm at heart somehow hahaha. And also, that was one of the rare days I had good hair!

We took the ferry from Seongsan Harbour and it costs us 5500won for a round trip!

Took videos to show how strong the wind was.

In the end I even took out my jumper to wear because it was really too cold, plus I was nursing a flu!

 You must be wondering why there is a cow statue right? Apparently, the island is shaped like a cow lying down on its side and cow = udo, hence the statue and also why it's called Udo Island.

There are lots of means of transport at the island, you can pay a fix amount for a tour bus to take you around the island or you can opt for alternatives like scooters, ATVs, bikes or tandem bikes!
Most of us were interested in ATV riding, however, you have to have an international driving license. :(
All of us sticked to bikes instead!

We sort of followed a map and cycled around the island, covering most of the places I guess. I love the views here.

 Look at the different shades of blue. :)

Reached one of the beaches at Udo Island, it's Hagosudong Beach if I am not wrong.

Not strong enough to lift my bike up w one hand!

 Of soft sand, clear waters and baby blue sky. It made me felt so calm somehow.
Never thought I would get to see such a sight here. :')

Many drawings/writings on the sand too.
 How cute is this!

 We did our versions with Honghui and Junye translating our names in Korean.

Please don't ask me whose is whose because except for 유 (yoo), 나 (na) , 리 (lee, pronounced as e), 하 (ha) and 우 (wu), I can't read Korean. :/
But yes, my Korean vocabulary/word knowledge expanded a little after spending time in Korea. This explains why other than knowing the circle on top of pi 유, I now know the others hahaha. Like 우유 means milk! :D

 Cycled till some place which reminds me of Seongsan Ilchulbong somehow!

I don't think many people read my blog anyway, so I guess posting this is okay? Lol sorry, Yong Siang.

 On the way back, and here's me with bad hair coming out already and my girly pink bike w a basket! Hahah pink is so not me!

 Read that peanut icecream is a must-try here at Udo Island? Not bad but expensive for one small cup at 3000 won!

It was a pity we didn't get to explore the whole of Udo Island due to time constraint! :( 
I want to see Seobinbaeksa Beach, which doesn't have sand but instead, white coral pebbles! And the black sand beach too! Definitely will come back here again if I go Jeju! 

Oh and most importantly, please do put sunscreen/sunblock because most of the guys went back darker and some even had sunburnts! Luckily I did my 防范措施 lolol. But please, remember the back of your hands must put also. I didn't, and got 2 black patches at the end of the trip since they were facing the sun the whole time I was cycling. ._.

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