Saturday, August 2, 2014

#712 - Hyodoncheon / Jeongbang Falls / Jeju World Cup Stadium / Jusangjeolli Cliff

Lunch at the same place after we left Udo Island.
I think Korean and Japanese cuisines are the only time I will ever eat fatty pork, it just doesn't taste the same.

Mr Ann bought us some energy drink and then some accident happened along the way! Our van got hit from the side till there was a huge dent! :O Then he got down from the car and sort of argued w the driver. Things got a little intense but everything was solved in the end. Just noting down for erm memories sake LOL.

 A pretty shade of emerald stream with relaxing water activities! Look at the boat, it's transparent. :)

Jeju Hang Main Breakwater

 Cheeky Mr Ann made the guys take photo w some group of Korean girls! I stay in the van. :P

There were actually 3 main waterfalls in Jeju and as we didn't have much time and I guess most waterfalls look the same, we settled for this.

Jeongbang Falls
 Errr trying to camwhore with the waterfall as the background. #fail

I just stood at this spot and admired nature's beauty for quite a while. It gave me some calming effect somehow looking at the water rush down and splashing on the rocks.

Last stop of the day!

Jeju World Cup Stadium

From this point onwards, my camera's battery died on me so I relied on my S3.
 To take a good shot...

Looks familiar?

 Our version of oscar selfie. :D

 Blew my first dandelion that day too. :)

Jusangjeolli Cliff

Mr Ann told us that coming by late evening meant that we didn't have to pay for the admission fee.

Photos are deceiving, it definitely look better than this, a pity my S3 couldn't capture it.

Dinner was at some Chinese restaurant because we wanted to try Jajangmyeon and Tangsuyuk!

I didn't really like it? The noodles didn't go well with the sauce. :/
Not very sure if this was how Jajangmyeon tasted though, I had high expectations of this seeing how people always rave about how good it is. Will try again next time if I go Korea.

Anyway saw this Tagadisco thing in Jeju and I was like !!!
Learnt about this ride from Running Man and it really looks fun! Such a pity the emcee always spoke in Korean (he randomly picks people and makes them change seats) if not we could try! There were many onlookers whenever the ride was being operated haha.

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