Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#713 - Osulloc Tea Museum / 미나리

We headed for Osulloc Tea Museum on the last day in Jeju. It was an impromptu decision because we had already covered most, if not all the places in the last few days in Jeju thanks to our efficient driver, Mr Ann! ;)

He made a flower bracelet and wanted me to wear it, but I rejected thinking he was gonna make me wear on my ear or smth lolol hence it ended up on the person next to me. Sorry Ben. HAHA.

We took a few group jump shots too but they are not w me! Might add in when I koped them after Yanjie uploaded his on Facebook.

Tried the green tea icecream (4500 won) and it was yummy! Bittersweet, just the way I like it.
After this Korea's trip, I begin to appreciate matcha/green tea stuff more somehow.

They have an Innisfree store behind the museum too.

I love Innisfree, especially its clay mask. It's damn gooooood (and cheap in Korea). (Y)

As usual photos not w me, but Mr Ann gave us all a bottle of Innisfree sweets each which he bought. :)

美美的花. In the prettiest shade of purple. :)

We had our last meal in Jeju here. If I am not wrong, it's dakgalbi?
Tried Acorn Jelly for the first time, it was not too bad!

This was very very yummy.

Oh I got the name and address because I took the namecard of the place. Haha. Can go and try this place when in Jeju. The owners were very friendly too.

291-24 Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea / 제주시 연동 291-24
Tel (064) 744-3625

Thanks Mr Ann for bringing us around and for the very memorable trip in Jeju!

With that, I concluded my Busan and Jeju adventures! :) I will slowly post up my Seoul adventures in bits and pieces over time I guess. I don't want my blog to become like everything about Korea when I am currently in sunny Singapore now hahaha.

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