Sunday, August 10, 2014

#714 - Food As Motivation #40 - Sprmrkt / Tsujiri

Had the best truffle fries over at Sprmrkt the other day!! Although I've only tried Au Chocolat's and Omakase Burger's, this truimphed over those 2 greatly.

The menu changes everyday and we chose what was available for mains. The actual purpose of visiting this cafe was to try the truffle fries thus we weren't expecting much hahaha.
There wasn't any menu for us, just this handwritten one at the counter and you have to order and pay there before getting your food.

 Truffles Fries w Kelp & Parmesan (SGD12)
The fries were served hot and everything in this went well together? I loveeee it. You just can't stop eating this, too good. Even when it turns cold, still so yummy and the hint of truffle oil is just right! And yes, it's very salty! Double yay! MUST TRY if you ever head there. The share is just right for two!

 Grilled Corn & Mushroom Pasta w Cream Sauce & White Truffle Oil (SGD18)
This tasted like any average cream sauced pastas from any pasta restaurants. The truffle oil taste was quite strong though. But it was definitely better than the Eggs Benedict...

Eggs Benedict (SGD14)
Whenever I see Eggs Benedict on the menu, it's a must to order. Still haven't gotten over how good the Eggs Benedict at Choupinette are!

If I were to rate and compare these w Choupinette's, the latter one will be at the higher end while this will be at the totally opposite one.
The eggs didn't even look poached (more like half-boiled) and one side has super little egg white and the other super little egg yolk. The sauce was weird too. My friend and I didn't like it. Even the pasta tasted nicer.
Mehhhh. I think the Five & Dime Eatery one is even better! :/

So to conclude, come back for the truffle fries (especially for people w salty tooth haha)!!! And maybe the bread pudding? That's what I know most people recommended but we were quite full then!

Oh and there is no service charge/gst here! (Y)

Details if you're interested (click the name for link)
2 McCallum Street
Singapore 069043 
Tel 62212105


Check out my ride that night. ;)


Discovered a gem one night when looking for desserts! As I've mentioned, I was very into Green Tea/Matcha Latte kind of stuff after coming back from Korea, thus when I searched online that there was an outlet selling such desserts, off I went.

TSUJIRI Parfait (O-maccha) / O-maccha Latte Large (SGD7.50/5.80)
The maccha icecream was goooood. The latte was pretty decent as well. Good place to chill, because there wasn't a lot of people at that mall! I heard Somerset has one branch too! Have to mention the price are a little expensive though.

100 Tras Street
100AM #01-14B
Singapore 079027
Tel 65436110

Okay finally a non-Korea entry for now. Hahaha. :D

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