Thursday, September 11, 2014

#722 - Gwangjang Market

Visted Gwangjang Market one morning!

Heard about this place ever since Running Man filmed there! Saw them having kimbap, bibimbap and bindaetteok and they ate like so heartily, it makes me want to try too! And yes I did. :D

Did some online research about the place too and realise that many recommend it for the kimbap and bindaetteok!

It's basically a huge market with a few junctions and there are many stalls along the way selling similar food items, or cloths and miscellaneous items.

There was a whole row of stalls selling bibimbap which we didn't try.

Wanted to share kalguksu (handmade noodles) but the ajumma said minimum 3 portions or something?? Thus we had some kimchi mandu which were soso only.

Mayak Kimbap (마약김밥): Where mayak means 'drugs', meaning the kimbap is addictive that you can't stop reaching for it.
This cost us 2500won. It was really fragrant, with the sesame seeds and oil! Plus the size isn't that huge so you can easily pop one in your mouth each time. I don't mind having this now despite the carbs!

There was long queue for the apparently must-try at Gwangjang Market, that is the bindaetteok.

Grinding of the mungbeans!

Bindaetteok (빈대떡): Mungbean Pancake
Since we are here, we definitely had to try this! I can't remember how much it was (my records wrote 1600won, there were 5 people that day so I guess 2 large bindaetteok cost 8000won?). I remember we couldn't buy just one or something!

Erm the bindaetteok's taste is... weird to me? A little like corn but not sweet? And not salty also. :( There was some sauce with onions in it, which tasted like vinegar and soy sauce provided too! Raine and I were like thankful the guys were with us because we couldn't finish it. Hehh.


Freshly squeezed juices to wash away the strong taste!

Favourite food here has got to be the mayak kimbap! If I ever visit here again, I'd go try the bibimbap!

Gwangjang Market
Nearest Station: Jongno 5(o)-ga Station, Line 1
Go out from Exit 9, it's nearer to the food zone.

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