Monday, September 8, 2014

#721 - Food As Motivation #42 - Tom Yum Kungfu

Very long since I met up w some of my cousin and I wanted to pass them the stuff I got from Korea, thus we had some catching up session over mookata at Tomyum Kungfu!

 Steamboat Set for 3-4pax (SGD50.90)
The top two photos show the full steamboat set!
They seem to have increase the prices, for I read entries 4 months ago, this set was SGD49. Quite expensive imo, since the food wasn't really a lot!

 Homemade Fish Paste (SGD9)
Thick slab of fish paste where quite a number recommended, it tasted okay to me!

Deep Fried KangKong (SGD13)
Something interesting and it was nice w the sauce which was a little spicy and you can taste coconut milk inside. There were a few battered squids/prawns (I can't remember) as well.

The steamboat set's meat weren't sufficient for us 5, and we ordered another plate of chicken at SGD8 which came w an egg cracked in the middle. The portion was quite huge.

Drinks like hot green tea, iced milk tea, iced tea, iced lemon tea are at SGD2.30. And you are charged for the wet tissues provided, at SGD0.50 per person.

Overall, I guess the food was okay? The soup base was sweet w the corn, and the chili sauce was decentbut I feel the meat could be more marinated. Perhaps because I prefer strong flavoured food! It was not really that nice like many have raved. Still prefer New Udon Thai Food's any day!

Oh and please go early, because there will be a long queue once it's dinner time. We left the place smelling a little like BBQ meat too, even though we were sitting in the open area.

Details if you're interested (click the name for link):
Tom Yum Kungfu
16 Circular Road
Singapore 049372
Tel 65361646

Photos (the last mookata photo too) w Shimin's DSLR!

4 '92 and 1 '93 here, guess whoooooo.
And why do I look so 憔悴? :/

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