Saturday, September 6, 2014

#720 - Insadong

After the Gyeongbokgung tour, the school bus sent us to Insadong, one of the places in Korea which has more traditional feel.
A place where you can find many souvenirs as well.

Famished, we settle for dinner at some random restaurant called 인사동그집!
I went to Google translate and it was pronounced as Insadong-geujib and translated to Insadong that house. Lolol.
 Love the cold tofu w the spicy sauce most.

 Chulpan dak-bulgogi (Grilled and seasoned chicken fillet) (KRW8000)
This was pretty decent and I love the chewy tteokbokki inside. :D

Insadong Geujip 인사동그집
3, Insadong 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul 서울특별시 종로구 인사동12길 3 (관훈동)
Tel +82 2-737-0575

It's right behind SSamziegil (쌈지길) and the latter is a shopping centre which sells a lot of handicrafts and sovenirs. The interesting thing about this mall is that you go up each level in slopes, that is you make your way up without using stairs.

I am not sure if there are stairs (I think should have?)!
To be honest, there was nothing much, just souvenirs at very high prices. :/

Bought some food off the streets of Insadong!
Dragon Beard Candy which was not bad!

The thing about Insadong is that you can find shops w Korean signages!

Starbucks w its name in Korean!

Nature Republic's too.
And there were many others as well!

We walked for a while and chanced upon a batting cage and this was something new to us!

Was only watching but we'd try this a few days later!

One of the street food I chanced upon: Gyeran Bbang.
A combination of sweet and savoury. Everyone raved about how good this is, but I had it quite a number of times at different places in Korea and I still felt it was okay only. :/ Well, to each his own.

Nearest Subway Station: Anguk Station, Line 3

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