Thursday, January 1, 2015

#743 - New Year Resolutions for 2015

New Year Resolutions for 2015 this time! A yearly thing.
Scheduling this entry early because I won't be in Singapore by then until next year!

Let's see what NYR I had for 2014.

New Year Resolutions for 2014
- Higher GPA (this is gonna be my resolution till 2015) 
- Clear my skin scars by being diligent in applying aloe vera gel (skin is healing, don't want any more skin problems forever!!) 
- RUN and keep fit 
- Clear and sell away clothings I don't wear anymore and pack my bursting cupboard 
- Appreciate people and things better 
- Sleep early and not at wee hours

Wow this is bad, I haven't really fulfil much it seems. /:

First NYR, I cannot strike out because results' release date is tmrw and I will be flying off. I don't want to ruin my holiday mood, will check when I am back haha. I hope I can strike off this too!

Diligent in applying aloe vera gel? Kinda, this time I use Nature Republic's! And also I mask some time~ Especially eye area. Eyes will reveal your age!!

Haahaha this one half strike because it's half-fulfilled. Like I run less this year but I signed up ABT w friends and we keep fit every Sunday! Looking forward to more keeping fit sessions in 2015!

Guilty of my bursting cupboard which is about to collapse soon, but I did post some stuff up on Carousell to sell! More postings to come? Hahhaa.

Appreciate people and things better. I have been trying. Learn a lot this year. Wanna say those cliche things like friends come and go and I found out who are those I can hold dear to, and yes I did. Gomawo.

This one. FAIL. I have been sleeping at wee hours lately luhhh. Alamak!!

Okay let's start again afresh shall we?

New Year Resolutions for 2015
- Higher GPA (this is gonna be my resolution till I graduate)
- Save up enough money for grad trip and also for the future (less F.A.M, friends please zidong and don't jio me out to eat, only budget one okay LOL)
- Keep eating of fast food to a minimum (say at most twice a month?)
- Lose 2kg
- Clear and sell away clothings I don't wear anymore and pack my bursting cupboard
- Get rid/be rid of toxic friends 
- Initiate and go out more as a family (family hasn't been the close-knitted kind who has dinner together)
- Clear all my travelogues (at least I know I will have something to strike out at the end of next year)
- Be more disciplined in the things I wish to excel in
- Diligently apply beauty products

Okay that's all! Great year ahead everyone!
Lots of love and happiness, happy new year! :)

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