Sunday, December 28, 2014

#742 - Dongdaemun / Andong Jjimdak (安東찜닭)

Some pictures of food I had in Dongdaemun!
It was along the street where all the eateries were and most of them range from 2500 - 3500 won. Pretty affordable.

Meet the girls for dinner before shopping at Dongdaemun, from 8pm to 4am in the morning. So shiok!!

Jajangmyun, which was not very nice.
Always see those artistes on variety shows slurping it so shiokly lehhh. D:


Some chicken chop/fish fillet w rice.

Stir fry chicken? Like 宫保鸡丁 kind.

Cannot remember but I think it's some kimchi stew!

Soybean stew?

Not bad la, the food, quite affordable also!

And yes, Dongdaemun wee hours shopping is so shiok. The streets are still buzzling w activities one. A lot of wholesale malls and the sellers there all like so busy packing their goods and all.

An example of the buzzling activity w all the bags containing those wholesale item. Imagine the whole row of pavement filled w these. :o

Have always heard about how Dongdaemun has a lot of things to shop and to be honest, I went there like 2 or 3 times and I was disappointed. Because I didn't see the rows and rows of stalls or whatsoever even at 10pm. So I was super sian. Turned out we were at the wrong area.
The buzzling place is actually behind the building (opposite front of Doota). A lot of wholesale malls there and we didn't even comb finish them all even though we spent like 8 hours there.
It was really crazy. I got quite a number of stuff there as well. Even the skirt I have been looking for damn long. 

Here comes my skirt story again... (koped from Dayre)

So I saw this skirt at Dongdaemun and it was love at first sight. Price: 32k. *sings Anna's okay bye*

Subsequently, I saw 28k, 25k, 24k at various places. The latest one was 25k at the underground shopping centre at Express Bus Terminal station. Was contemplating to buy or not because I probably won't go back Ewha again to get the 24k one but 25k is like SGD$30++. No way am I gonna spend so much on this skirt (although I love it alot lolol). After which, I closed one eye and bought a 10k dress HAHA. Okay then last night, I went to the wholesale market then.... you guess it! I saw the skirt. Asked for the price, 14k!!!!

So happy lahh! Hahahaha.

Another random day, we had this yummy Andong Jjimdak (安東찜닭) at Myeongdong!
Apparently there are two restaurants in Myeongdong selling these and from the reviews I saw online, both are equally good.

The one we went was called 安東찜닭 while the other was Bongchu Jjimdak (凰雛찜닭).

 We ordered two big plates for sharing, one chicken and one seafood!
Preferred the chicken one though.

But actually I like the cellophane noodles the most, kept eating that. It's like tanghoon and kwayteow's hybrid, both of which are my favourites. So it's like best of both worlds luh! :D

Can't stop eating, even though it was mad mad spicy. Like I kept gulping down water after mouthfuls. Definitely worth a visit. I wish Singapore brings it in!!

Andong Jjimdak (安東찜닭)
Nearest Station: Myeondong Station, Line 4

Update more soon when I am back from my holidays!

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