Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#741 - Adventure Cove Waterpark w Hey Soul Sistaz

Second time at Adventure Cove Waterpark, this time w Hey Soul Sistaz!

Tried more rides this time since we went there early in the morning to avoid the crowd. Thanks for the 50% discount, Shark and Sourheart. :D

Put my selfie stick to good use hahaha. A lot of my copy and paste face. Heh. And enjoy the pictures, nothing much also. If Google search brought you here, I am sorry. The only helpful info is going there early to avoid the crowd!

Before entering!

We spent most of the time erm.. lazing along the Lazy River.
Like float and float along it. :D Super nua and relaxing, I like.

Took an exciting ride too, cannot remember the name but it did make my heart skip a few times!

 "Kim Jongkook" and dongsaeng. :P

Good day spent w them chilling and catching up. :)

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