Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#740 - Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade / Haneul Park

Went to Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade for shopping alone the other day. Walked past there once when heading to Banpo Bridge and I was like meh, so small only nothing much.

Decided to give it another chance and spent 1 hour rummaging through clothes and looking at the same place. Went to venture further in and went down (like basement) and I was shocked.

Because there were so many shops there?! Like you cannot see the end one. Got different sections somemore. Cannot shop finish in one day one lah, and I also bought quite a few stuff there. Prices are quite comparable to Edae's, but there are many shops selling similar items so it's good to compare lahh, provided you take note of the shop's unit number hahaha.

I was very overwhelmed there and went like ahhh if only I got all the time in the world.

Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade
Nearest Station: Express Bus Terminal Station, Line 3 or 7
Go out from Exit 8.

Met the guys at Haneul Park after that! Chill and relax hahaha. Cool breeze that day when we climbed up flights of stairs so I am not complaining. :)

The view on the way up the stairs. It was quite misty actually.

 Han River I think.

 Translated to Sky Park (Haneul Park).

 Just another one of those views.

 Doesn't this fruit/gourd reminds you of an antibiotic?

Walked to the end and were welcomed by the cool breeze.

 And I present to you.. Teletubbies. Hahahah.

 Climbed up this bowl-like thing and had Junye take photos for us.

Good day...

Haneul Park
Nearest Station: World Cup Stadium Station, Line 6
Go out from Exit 1.

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