Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#739 - Hongdae II - Trickeye Art / Thanks Nature Cafe / 401 Restaurant

Back to Hongdae again! Wanted to head to the Trickeye Museum de, but ended up not going and only taking photos at the free trickeye pieces outside.

 Check out my ride! If only this was in lilac hahah.

Spammage of photos in my camera~

 LOL sorry yongsiang, who asked you to request using my camera to take photos.

Okay last one, wanted to change my FB photo (2 years plus never change le) to this but like outdated liao since my hair not so long anymore also hahaha.

  2 fat fluffy sheep in Hongdae? Yes.

Visited Thanks Nature Cafe since we were in the vicinity. Located at the basement, truth be told, it stank real bad. The typical smell you can smell at a goat's farm.

Thank goodness there are seats indoor!

 Green Tea Waffle (8000 won)
Shared this w Zac and it's not bad lehh! (Y)

They have a lot of other flavours on the menu and I am sure everyone can find one that they like. :)

I remembered asking them for the nearest toilet and was given a key w a palm-sized bear keychain and I had to walk along some long corridor in the building to get to the toilet. First time anyhow wonder in a foreign country lol. #justsaying

Thanks Nature Cafe
Seogyo Prugio Apartment Store B121
486 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Nearest Station: Hongik University Station, Line 2
Go out from Exit 9 and walk upstreet towards Hongik University. Find "Cafe Cantata" on your left and Thanks Nature Cafe is just at the basement floor.

 Settled dinner at 401, restaurant opened by HaHa and Kang Gary! Mainly HaHa for this outlet since there were a lot of Bob Marley posters around.
They changed the restaurant name and concept recently if I didn't remember wrongly.

Menu was changed too. No more pork intestines for bbq (wanted to try even though I don't eat them)! Only three main things on the menu saddedddd. D: Waiters no longer wear attire w the velcro nametags at the back.

*actually just copying and pasting what I wrote in Dayre*

Meagre portion for 4! :/ Thank goodness for the fume hood, because we left the place not smelling like BBQ meat. 

And the seats were cool, you can lift up the top and store your belongings inside so they won't stink up. 

Bill came up to 12000 per person! Well, for an experience I guess, to try at a celebrity's restaurant. Maybe next time if I am back, I can go visit Gary's instead! Haha.

401 Restaurant
395-17 Seogyo-dong (23 Jandari-ro)
Nearest Station: Hongik University Station, Line 2

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